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Stella Johnson

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I am still home sick with difficult child today. I started looking around for a new job recently. So, today I was looking online.

I like what I do now but I'm not sure if I want to continue doing this.

What would your dream job be?



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I have my dream job, now. I work from home, hours are determined by me. I can work 15 minutes and take a break, then work for two hours, do some laundry. It's the best. Not for everyone, but it suits my lifestyle perfectly. I don't have to go anywhere, the stuff is dropped off at my house (sometimes I pick it up from the office manager who lives five minutes from me) along with my paycheck. I like who I work for, too. I worked in the office for a year and a half and then after I had Missy, I offered to work from home and have been doing it ever since. It's the best.


(the future) MRS. GERE
I love to teach so I'd love to either be a Special Education teacher or a corporate trainer.

When I was job hunting this last time one of the offers I got was to be a trainer for a bank. It was my perfect job............EXCEPT that I would have been traveling overnight most of the month around this state and the surrounding states. I was so sorry to turn that job down but with my fuzzbutts at home I simply couldn't be gone that much.

Good luck in your job search, Steph.



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If I had known when I was younger about forensic science...like the guys on CSI...I would have loved to been one of them. Or maybe a profiler for the FBI.

I love all that detective whodunit stuff but Im too old to start over now.
I would love to own a specialty antique toys, educational toys and books. I would love to have an old fashioned "reading time" and do crafts with kids. Anyone see the movie You've Got Mail? THAT is the store I want. A little "Shop Around The Corner". (would also love to look like Meg Ryan! :smile: )

Anyone got a couple extra 100K to lend me??

Hugs and dreams,


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I would love to be a Spa Critic. Go around to various spas, receiving services (getting paid to try them) and then writing up or reporting for a travel channel/magazine. Does this job exist?

Well you did say DREAM job......


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If I had my life to live over again I'd be a veterinarian.
At this point I think I would like to work for a travel company and be a tour director.
I HAD my dream job. I had my own gardening company. I had gotten so sick of working for other people - being subject to their whims and moods. I had just been laid off from a new job - after having quit a high pressure, high paying job to take it. I was outside on a beautiful spring day weeding my own gardens and vowing revenge on all employers. And I thought about how much I enjoyed weeding gardens - when most people hate it. So I thought I would just put a little ad in the paper - offering to weed peoples gardens - just to earn a little money until I found another full time job. 30 people answered my ad!! And 3 years later I was still working for those same clients, weeding, pruning, mulching, and planting.

Unfortunately, my health had started to suffer before those three years and finally I have had to stop working altogether.

My dream job would be to be able to go back to my gardening business.


Stella Johnson

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Why don't you substitute teach? I did it when difficult child was very young during my divorce. I loved teaching high school. I absolutely hated middle school.
I always knew when it was the middle school calling. They were the only ones that wouldn't tell you who they were before they asked if you were busy. :rofl: I guess others didn't like them either.

CSI would be fun. I think I would like that too.

That sounds very relaxing and stress free.

I love bookstores like that. Unfortunately there aren't many left.

If they paid for that I would love to be a spa critic. And a food critic. I would be so big I couldn't fit in the spa rooms. :hammer:

That sounds like fun. I have a friend that went to work for a Spanish cruise line out of high school. She loves it. She has seen the world and she's only 30 now.

I'm so sorry you had to give up your dream job. :tears:



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WhyMeMom ... there actually ARE jobs like that! I don't imagine they ever have too many job openings though...

Years ago I used to work for a large daily newspaper in Florida. We had lots and LOTS of employees who made frequent business trips and we used one particular travel agency that was nearby. This agency sold a lot of package deals on tourist travel, resorts, cruises, etc. but they were very careful which hotels and cruiselines they dealt with and checked them all out first. This challenging job was held by a chubby, nerdy, middle-aged little bald guy named Arthur! They paid Arthur VERY well to take cruises to the Bahamas and month-long trips to Europe, to stay in the best hotels and eat in the fanciest restaurants! He came to the newspaper one time to make a presentation about the agencys services, and the man actually had the NERVE to try to convince us what a tough job he had! Even he couldn't do it with a straight face! :grin: He actually had to check under the hotel beds for dust bunnies and go through and inspect the hotel kitchens with his little checklist! Poor Arthur! Hey, it's a dirty job but SOMEBODY has to do it! Arthur was NOT planning to change jobs anytime soon ... we all asked him!

MY ideal job would probably be to own an antique store, but I don't know how good I'd be at it. Knowing me, I would fall in love with all the stuff and then not want to sell it to anybody! I can see it now ... "You don't really want that, do you.....?" A pet shop would be good too!


(the future) MRS. GERE
Steph, if it had a guaranteed income I would definitely substitute teach. Unfortunately, it doesn't. And I need benefits.

If I was 20 years younger my dream job would be as a faux and mural painter (murals are hard on you physically :crazy:). I loved painting the mural in my dining room and I loved to paint the things I used to sell or custom make.

Someone, please find me a rich, handsome, romantic, intelligent, and FUNNY guy so I can follow my dreams! :grin: