DSM 5 diagnostic categories and changes in diagnosis

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    n a recent thread we were talking about the new diagnosis criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorders and the elimination of Asperger's (some say that is a done deal, now I have read it may not be, some of the dates are not clear so not sure if some articles are a little out of date)

    This website is the home site for DSM V task force so there is pretty good reason to believe what is said here. I am posting it because if you are like me it is really interesting.

    Not a controversy thing for me, just very interesting.

    I was reading some about the bipolar changes, the bipolar in children changes, etc. Also personality disorder stuff etc.

    Just putting it there if anyone likes to check this stuff out like I do. I only ever had to diagnosis related to autism, and communication disorders so the other stuff is really a good learning experience.
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    I think someone posted that info or the info for the new dsm coming out next and we were able to send in our comments. I know I sent in my comments..lol.
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    cool maybe they will give you royalties if they use your comments! haha

    I still have mixed feelings about the Asperger's thing.. I think for getting services, better to do it this way...but in the end to help those specific Aspies who really fit that profile and can relate to each other, etc. It can be a useful label.
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    There is a website at oasis I think with adult aspies...maybe some late teens...and my son visits there from time to time. Not often but from time to time. He did this when we were deciding if we really thought he was aspie and once he started talking to them and read up on that site, he just knew he was. He says its a good site.
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    When they first started talking about lumping AS in under Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) there was a lot of outcry from the AS community. I don't know if a majority of Aspies were against it, but the ones that are tend to be very outspoken. I'm still on the fence on whether it would be better or not for it to be so unceremoniously lumped into a category that spans so much and so far yet is still so very stereotyped and mysterious.

    A lot of the board that decides the criteria and indexing are also employed by or have thick monetary links to the pharma industry, so I view a lot of it as being more in the interests of pharma than in the interests of the patients.
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    love that site
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    Well isn't that interesting...I thought they already had too much influence in the medication profession.