DWTS ~ I'm sooo excited. . .


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husband surprised me with an early Valentines present ~ tickets to the Dancing With the Stars show that is coming to Atlanta on Friday.

I really wanted to go since I am a huge DWTS fan but didn't want to spend the money.

I can't wait! :smile:

I think I'll keep husband around for a while. :grin:



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How awesome! They were supposed to be in AC around the time of my b-day and I'd like to go, but the tickets are expensive.

Enjoy! How sweet that he got you those tickets!


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That's fabulous, Kathy. WOOO WOOOOO- good for husband!!! :bravo:

Who's dancing? What are you going to wear?

Suz :princess:


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This came from the DWTS web site. I don't know who Julianne Hough is, though. Was she from season 1? I didn't watch it that season.
Dancers on tour:

Cheryl Burke - Season 2
Drew Lachey - Season 2
Edyta Sliwinska - Season 3
Harry Hamlin - Season 3
Joey Lawrence - Season 3
Joey McIntyre - Season 1
Julianne Hough -
Karina Smirnoff - Season 3
Lisa Rinna - Season 2
Louis Van Amstel - Season 2

As far as what to wear ~ I haven't even thought about it yet. husband left the tickets on the table so I would see them when I got home from school. I'm still in a state of shock. This is not typical behavior for husband. He doesn't usually try to surprise me with things. He's more a if you want to go, buy the tickets and we'll go sort of guy.



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I googled Julianne. She's a professional dancer. I don't recognize her at all so maybe they pulled her in to help. She wasn't one of the dancers they used on the show on a regular basis.

I love who you are going to see. Cheryl and Drew!!! :bravo:

If they do their HOT "Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy" routine I want you to give them a standing ovation from me--> the old gal taking a cold shower every time I think of that dance. :smile: Mercy! :redface:



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well good for husband, kathy. what a wonderful gift. who's going with-you???

truthfully sarah & i really wanted to see the So You Think You Can Dance road show. unfortunately it was in tampa & would have required an overnight stay for the two of us & whoever we bribed to drive us lol. if it had been done in orlando (not as good a venue apparently) we really would have scraped up the $$$ to go.

kris :princess: :princess: :princess: :princess:


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I have always wanted to see Dancing With the Stars! :laugh:

Don't forget to leave your purse open a little Kathy, so we can see.

You know, vicariously. :smile: :cool: :wink: :cool: :laugh: :grin:

What a nice husband you must have!