Ear Candling??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Sep 15, 2008.

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    I think that is what you call it. difficult child said he really wants that done. Said he heard it takes toxins out of the body and also takes away headaches?

    He has ear problems, estacian (sp?) dysfunction.

    So - is this harmless? Where do you find someone that does it? Is it expensibe?

    Even if it doesn't help headaches, if he thinks it does maybe he would feel better.
  2. Abbey

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    Gosh...never even heard of it!! I'm visualizing candles in the ear...not candles in the wind.

  3. hearts and roses

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    I do ear candling and have had it done to me. I learned it from my hair dresser and eventually learned more about it from a "New Age" store...and even more from simple health food stores.

    I paid $40 to have mine done. Check with a local new age store or earthy health food store - they would know someone.

    There are those who say it is helpful and really does remove toxins through excess ear wax. And there are those who say the wax that is removed is smply burnt wax from the candle cone. According to Wally's (one of the leaders in candling), no wax is sucked from your ear.

    Wally's is the brand I use. My H loves when I candle his ears. I taught him how to do mine. He says he feels better afterwards. I do too. It may just be a matter of belief or we're very naive people. Hahaha. There is absolutely NO HARM in ear candling if the procedure is performed properly.
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    You pick them up at the health food store. They're cheap. They show you how to use it. It's not at all hard to do yourself. I've checked them out. Cuz I don't trust stuff like that normally. Seem to work. Drain the ear. Even if they don't work, they won't hurt the user.
  5. Star*

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    Well I don't ever want to sound like the dark cloud - BUT ..........

    I have a very "holistic" friend who does this due to constant sinus infections. She used to swear by it. So I asked our doctor.

    My doctor said you are better off NEVER sticking ANYTHING into your ear canal. DF gets bad earaches....really bad and lots of wax. We were going to try this and the doctor told him that there IS a chance that you can get burned.

    He recommened OTC hollistic ear wax remover or Debrox and a syringe. We did that and also went in to the doctor for them to remove the wax. THERE WAS A TON...and candeling would not have removed it.

    So it's a personal choice - now for earaches we use a drop or two of sweet oil. WHen he does go under water we IMMEDIATELY put alcohol in the ears to dry up the water.

    Jo seems to have success with doing it (see above), but for $40.....I'd rather pay the copay and have a doctor remove the wax or spend $15 and get Debrox.

    I don't play with eyes and ears.
  6. hearts and roses

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    Star, you are absolutely correct - it's a personal choice. As a matter of fact, I had refused to do H's ears at his last request, because he is under the misconception that I am removing ear wax, when, in fact, I am one of those who does not believe ear wax is being removed. I tend to lean on the side that it's more of a 'cleansing' of the soul, spirit, mind, whatever.

    Just an FYI - you do not put anything into the ear canal. The tip of the candling cone rests gently at the opening of the canal. It wouldn't even work if you actually shoved it down the canal. It's really a very warm and gentle experience and in my opinion, certain conditions need to be in place before I would even do it - you need to create the right relaxing environment and make sure that all participants are in the right frame of mind. Even my H gets this, despite his refusal to see an ear DR....he's a carpenter/builder so I'm pretty sure his ears are more clogged than he realizes. Or, he's just going deaf. He claims he can hear better after I do a candling - I say that's in his head! But I let him believe whatever makes him feel good. No harm done and all that.
  7. Star*

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    WELL I wish I had talked to YOU before DF decided NOT to do it. Maybe with this information he'll give it a try - I had no idea what was involved. I tend to believe my Dr. - actually it was his doctor.....I dont' believe my doctor at all. I think the man should put on swim finds and a beak - walks like duck, gives advice like a duck - must be a quack.

    Thanks for the info -
  8. susiestar

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    I haven't had luck with ear candling. I do have GREAT luck with hydrogen peroxide in my ears. It seems to help with colds and sinus problems. My doctor is now a firm believer in it. It is cold going in, but you only put in afew drops. It fizzes and helps clear up any problems for me.

    I hope that whatever you can try works for you difficult child. I hate to hear of him in so much pain from his headaches. I missed a LOT of school due to migraines, so I know how miserable he is.

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    I was just reading an article on msnbc.com the other day that said that excess earwax, contrary to popular belief, should be left alone unless it becomes a problem, i.e., causes hearing loss. I'm not sure what ear candling does, but I'm always iffy on holistic stuff. Not against it...just need proof.

    But, if he's that miserable it certainly can't hurt to try.
  10. Star*

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    Hey Jo -

    If it's yer birfday - do you stick birfday candles in and light?

    lol.......bad star - BAD;)
  11. hearts and roses

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    Funny, Star~

    Last year on MY birthday, I ended up candling 2 of my sister's ears, my H's ears, and difficult child's (not all at the same time, but it was a stunning display!).:tongue: