easy child and Nichole Update

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    easy child has her pretty new neon pink cast. (Aubrey thinks it's soooo cool lol) Seems she really did a number on her lower leg / ankle. Ortho said it was the worst he's ever seen in all his many years of practice, never has he ever seen one even nears as bad as hers. That isn't so good as it makes predicting recovery time difficult. Pain levels are coming down. Muscle spasms and nerve pain have been an issue. Both are beginning to subside. The nerve pain was sending her through the roof. been there done that That and the spasms to me are the worst. She's getting more coordinated with the crutches and building up her upper body strength in muscles she never knew she had. Ugly nasty bruises which showed up to show us all the places on her that were impacted even with the seatbelt and airbag......wow.......they're now fading. Her 2nd trip out couponing was much more successful than the first. I made her use the wheelchair which kept her from becoming over fatigued. sister in law and Darrin have been ENORMOUS help. Even little Brandon helps his Mommy. Now if they'd stop bumping her leg, all would be good. Something about an injury that seems to have a magnet for little ones. lol

    Nichole is still having issues with contracting but not like she was. Some days it's worse than others. She goes in twice weekly for non stress test to check Oliver and her contractions, plus her normal doctor visits. Currently having an issue with medicaid accepting her procardia script. They cover it, but only in time release form used for blood pressure. She HAS to have the normal form as it HAS to work quickly. ugh Walgreens is contacting the OB so he can override medicaid and force them to pay for the right one. (yeah, this is why I don't want the govt doint healthcare) Stone has not passed, but last time she was checked the infection was gone. doctor does NOT expect Oliver to go full term. He's hoping and trying to keep him in there until at least 35 wks.

    Today Nichole turned 22. Well, at 4:09 pm she turns 22.

    As far as Nana? I'm wondering if I'll make it until easy child gets her moon boot. Conner is HEAVY, to put it mildly. He weighs more than Brandon. Lifting him has aggravated the devil out of my kidney. I'm not supposed to lift more than 10 - 20 lbs very often (at all actually) because the right kidney is not attached to anything really......it's just sort of there. And I was having issues before this started anyway. Otherwise, the boys are just too cute to not enjoy spending time with them. I like spending time with easy child too, but I'm sure she's about sick of seeing me right now. lol
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    I'm glad Nichole is doing well and the infection is gone. It's great she's being tested so often and everything is going well. It stinks that people who are sick have to waste so much time, and be so aggravated over medication, whether they can get it, if it's covered, and arguing with the ins. Some people go without, a disgrace.

    Happy Birthday Nichole!!!

    Where is your husband, can he help you at easy child's? Don't lift Conner if you aren't supposed to! Can her husband just put him on the floor, and you all sit there or something?
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    Thanks for the update HD.

    Happy Birthday Nichole !!!!
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    Glad easy child is doing better! Hope her pain medications are keeping the worst of it under control.

    Still saying prayers for Nichole and Oliver; Walgreens sounds like they're going above and beyond to help her.
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    Healing prayers to both easy child and Nichole! Stop lifting that baby, Lisa! I know, I know, easier said than done but incorporate some men to help you.

    Happy Birthday to Nichole!!
  6. Hound dog

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    I lift the baby as little as possible, trust me. I'm currently teaching him to pull up into a standing position.....next will be taking steps........and yeah Nana is gonna push him into walking if I can. lol Or as close to it as possible. Mostly the lifting is in and out of the crib and high chair. Otherwise he's in his jumparoo or I'm with him on the floor while he crawls around or I'm trying to get him to pull up.

    It's just the cute lil guy is so heavy. He's got fat rolls on his fat rolls. lol

    husband or Travis could........but they can't hang out all day (her house is just too small for too many people)......and it would be a pain for them to come to just lift him.

    Hopefully now that he's crawling around he'll work off some of the extra weight like Brandon did.

    If I'm lucky, only a couple more weeks to go until she has her moon boot.
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    Praying for both girls-and their mom!