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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Dec 16, 2010.

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    so...... easy child is slowly adjusting to the zoloft, she's having some side effects yet we are trying to ride it out.

    she was really naseous yesterday and last night had a terrible stomach ache so i gave her pepto bismol. she's still home and agreed to give it till sat. to see if it all balances out. than yesterday about 45 min after i gave her the first pill she went into a rage. now normally as of late she can do this. i was able to difuse it yet i wondered if it was easy child or due to medication. i guess i gotta watch today to see what happens with it.

    we had a long talk last night about stuff and she did apologize for the other night, told me where the anger came from, difficult child. stated difficult child messed with-her as soon as i got out of truck and often does that when i'm not looking than i get upset with-easy child. it's soo hard to judge when you arent' right there .

    difficult child i got her to sleep last night it took 1 tryptophan 500mg, 2 tablespoons of calm that stuff i bought at natural food store and 1 50mg of seroquel. within an hour and alot of agitation and arguing with me to sleep she fell off before midnite!! now funny thing is husband snored until 1am. when i finally begged him to change positions so i was up anyway LOL>

    round and round we go............ kids came to me last night concerned for me, my happiness etc. my marriage husband and i had an argument yesterday over scheduling and he said some things he shouldn't of yet again. i told them we need to get things under control here with the 3 of us, rules, etc. i discussed with them, being open talking things through etc.

    they agreed to both try harder, it was nice to see the two of them talk together i just played mediator. difficult child said you never talk to me about my bipolar and i dont' feel like your a real sister to me when i need you. easy child kinda swelled up in the eyes. easy child said your mean to me and come after me why i dont' know. difficult child said why are you home are you ok, i am worried about you.

    let me just say the healthiest half hour talk i've ever seen between the two of them. husband got mad because i stood my ground and stayed home with-kids as opposed to running with-him to kids plays that were given to us last minute. i stuck to my guns yet with-a price to pay
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    Sounds like a great beginning, Jena. I'm happy to hear this. I'm not sure if the Z will be right for easy child or not but it has helped manster with his anxiety. He still has it but to a lesser degree. Hang in there!

    I have to tell you that my heart goes out to you with the sleeping issues. I don't think I could handle that at this stage. Lack of sleep devastates me.
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    yea me too, i become dillussional LOL. we all handle what we have to at times even though we don't think we can. and i'm hoping the zoloft helps her and we don't have to switch medications. we'll c how it goes.
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    The fact the the two girls were able to sit down and talk to each other about what is bothering them about the other is a great start. Hopefully, it is the beginning of something good. I'm sorry that husband was not happy that you did not go with him. You made a decision that you needed to be with your kids and he's got to respect that.

    I hope that today is better.

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    Pam thanks, i hope your day goes well also.

    His evaluation's coming up soon enough. should be interesting to see what they find in him. I'm beginning to think i should just dispense medications to all of us each night LOL. ok soo not funny. I swear hes got two personalities he really does. I wouldnt' be surprised if they found a mood disorder in him. i'm soo tired of doctor's...... arent you?? my therapy starts soon also. Yet I cannot wait! I wanna vent, scream, rip my hair out and It'll be awesome to pay someone and they have to sit there and listen to me!! :)