easy child has pneumonia

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    been at docs office and getting rxs all darned day......now hafta dash off to a police dept thing I go to monthly (um, kinda like neighborhood watch, sort of) and then watch Medium, and we are supposed to get 6 inches of snow to go with our below zero and all our other snow we still have......

    BUT I am posting cuz I want to remind myself. YEEEESH! Our docs have new policies for treating teens......made me roll my eyes etc........
    and price of medications, YIKES, maintanance medications we get free thru mail but.....it is so very seldom anyone in our family is ill.....I was caught SO off guard!!!!!
    So hopefully I will get back here later to make my other comments. Meanwhile keep my easy child in your thouoghts....I was surprised, pneumonia and he sent her back to school tomorrow?
    None of my kids ever had pneumonia, and we did not even know how to do the breathing treatment. LOL- none of us ever had one (well husband has, but he gets his at VA and I am not usually in the exam room with him)
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    I don't give a hoot what the doctor says, that child does NOT need to be in school with pneumonia!!! Even if it's not the contagious form, pneumonia is not something to play around with. I can't believe he wants her to go to school!

    I'm just sitting here amazed.

    I've have pneumonia, twice. Once I HAD to go to school because I was in LPN training and you could only miss 2 days for the entire program. Didn't do me any good to be there. I wasn't allowed near patients, and was just too darn sick to give a hoot about school work. I remember just wishing someone would shoot me and put me out of my misery. Second time wasn't any better and I was hospitalized for that bout.

    Saying a prayer that the medications help easy child get over this quickly. But if I were you, I'd let the kid stay home and recover.

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    I hope she is feeling better soon-I too am surprised they are sending her back to school tomorrow.
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    OK easy child was unsure if she was gonna go to her pediatrician or to immediate care, unsure becuz her head was hurting and she was throwing up- and seldom can you get in to pediatrician same day, anyway, and if at time of her appointment she was feeling worse, maybe she would not even feel up to going ya know? Then she could not decide if she wanted to go on her own, or if she wanted me to go with, it is less than a mile, and she is wanting to be doing things "on her own" cuz she will be 18 in a few weeks.....well, she decided she would go- by herself- to immediate care, and she was feeling some better, she was going to doctor mostly becuz she hasmissed most of the school days that were not snow days for the last 2 weeks or so, and school was going to by now require a docs note....THATS why she went.
    We were thinking that girls in need of because go to doctor without parent, and girls who are preg go without mom and girls with stds go without parents, etc. AND she had gone once after a bee sting, I came right away, but she got to hospital, and they treated her before I got there.....and.....since she was 12, most of the time docs seem to act strange when I AM there.....they often try to get me out of there, they want the kid alone.....and hey, kids here can refuse treatment irregardless of parent.....so- she decided she wanted to go alone.
    ALas, she got there, her docs offices where she has her pediatrician in the building, in the facility, all her records etc are there, she has been patient there her whole life.......
    They refused to see her. Until I came.
    SO, I went, and then we had to go to back of the long line and wait all over again.......

    Originally they told her it was a new state law they could not see anyone under 18 without parent present?

    So- um, when I was in nurseing school a few years ago, we were taught that an under 18 child needed their mom but under 18 who HAS their own child can give permission for their baby to be tr eated but not themself? weird. BUT then there was the thing of preg kids etc.....and they could be seen without parent? SO I was getting VERY confused? So poor easy child while I was there, while she was getting chest xray, I was trying to get them to explain it all so I COULD understand?
    UG! Then they gave her a breathing treatment, but- GRRRR.....they just brought it in the room, and set it down and left, came back a few mins later and were surprised we had not DONE it? I am a nurse, BUT I never had a patient on breathing treatment.....um, where I worked we had respiratory therapists.....and-----um....none of my kids or me has ever had one before, so we did not know how to do it etc?
    and hey, the docs office does not know I am a nurse, why do they assume we know how to do one?
    Then the doctor is asking about medications etc and my easy child says she is on Yaz. UG! the doctor got weird and decided to lecture easy child, not about taking Yaz, but about haveing sex? Yeesh. And well, um, I smoke. husband smokes, and difficult child smokes.so, of course the smell clings in spite of my best efforts and repeated washing of things like our winter coats.....so the doctor begnins to lecture us about that. Well, on one hand I expect it and am accustomed to it......BUT then he simply ASSUMED my child has extensive history of antibiotics, breathing treatments, inhalers etc. Um. NOT. None of my kids have ever had pneumonia before. My kids do not have asthma, the do not get colds or flu, never got ear infections, never never never. As infants they never took antibiotics at all, it has only been the last 18 months or so that any of my kids have had an antibiotic at all......I think difficult child got strep once.......easy child had mono, but they first thought it was an infection? and son for his eye surgery.
    OK yes, we smoke, (NOT easy child) but do not assume we have all kinds of illness and extensive history of illness becuz we smoke. My ONLY experience with anntibiotics is administering them to my patients.

    and yes, I was frustrated about release to school tomorrow.she will NOT have been on antibiotic but a scant 12 hours by morning......her O2 level is low......so WTH? BUT easy child has missed so much school with this, she is now up to truancy issues if she does NOT go. UG! Course overload, advanced placement classes, has enough credits to have graduated LAST year, but opted to do one more year of HS anyway, becuz going to college so soon made her a lil nervous....she was already among the younger in her class.....and she is high honor roll.

    Weirdness filling her Rx......they had been filling Rx there with our insurance, but today pharm said no- said they were gtting an error message, so they could not fill it.

    Then easy child went home, and I decided to try one more time, this is the only doctor in this town......difficult child needs a new primary doctor, has now outgrown the pediatrician....pediatrician refuses to see her, and she has high blood pressure.....but difficult child now has Medicaide......well, nope they will not take it and said noone in the county will......they told me to take difficult child to ER for blood pressure.well, ER won't treat blood pressure.

    The whole thing was quite frustrating. Very annoying. easy child was more than a little upset that she had to be bothered, LOL. and easy child said mom, see, if I had started college, I would still have to CALL YOU to come take me to doctor.....this is so dumb, mom. <sigh>
    I was frustrated becuz she is trying to learn how to do these things for herself, frustrated becuz last place I wanna be on my medications is in a place full of sick persons, and in this weather, my illness sure does not appreciate going out.....and easy child did not feel all that ill....well, not until she had to sit thru the waiting room thru 2 turns. And yes, she was offended that she cannot have pneumonia and get seen, but her peers are haveing babies, getting treated for stds, and they do not need mommy. and she KNOWS difficult children psychiatrists local used to get irate at difficult child when difficult child refused to see psychiatrists withOUT me. easy child wants to know why mentally ill sister can NOT have mom in exam room, even at age 12, but she cannot have pneumonia with me a mile away? at almost age 18?
    Why do they give mentally ill difficult child psychiatric medications whether I am aware or not but won't take a chest xray without me being right there? ANd if they are SO worried about her, WHY are they sending her to school TOMORROW?
    In this frigid temps, with 6 new inches of snow, to be in the 4 story brick building with no elevators etc? Infecting everyone else?

    Well, the nurse at docs did say ack, this school- thiis school is nuts, we get way too many kids here who are not really sick enough to be here by us really, BUT school requires they come, and this darned school is ALWAYS sending us kids under threat of calling CPS if parents do not come, so we are doing unnecessary appts ALL the time......just so parents can PROVE their kids are not as sick as school wants to think they are, doesn't this school WANT kids at school? BUT this school also does not want to let PARENTS say if the kid is sick, nope. They must think all parents are too dumb to know if their kid is sick or not?

    So, I guess the docs nurse is tired of this school, too?

    Well, easy child had gatorade, water, chicken soup and went to bed.
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    Well, I know I can varify the underage mother can give permission for her child to be treated, but Can't give permission for herself thing. been there done that with Nichole. Only I know around here and at Children's in cincy they cover their fannies. Both Nichole and I had to consent for Aubrey to be treated. They wouldn't touch her without my consent there too. Which in my opinion is smart. Aubrey's condition at that time was serious, and boyfriend and she had no clue what the docs were even talking about anyway.

    The laws are mess up. You even have laws contridicting each other and medication professionals can't figure them out.

    I hope she starts feeling better soon, and you too.

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    Well, easy child was at school this morning, but went to nurse and nurse sent her home. Good. Now I can twist it and say how can it be truant when the school nurse sent her home. Now she can rest.
    Yeesh, all the political games. Goofy.
    Poor easy child.
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    What a fiasco!!

    I have had asthma my whole life, had pneumonia and even a collapsed lung (twice!) from it. Lung issues should not be played with, it's serious stuff and if they needed your permission to treat her, then why didn't they listen to you when you said she should have another day home
    from school?? Argh - makes my blood boil!

    Sending healing and gentle hugs to easy child for a speedy recovery.
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    I dunno. It all makes me nuts.
    Between schools and docs here local, it is enough to keep a saint from getting into Heaven, sometimes, I swear.

    There was a time- when difficult child was still in school- her attendance was awful- she had serious issues with her bipolar and panic and medication reactions etc. They called and demanded I come get her every single day for a year. We were hammering out IEP- met weekly- but they did not even want to try to follow the iep- if she seemed nervous, they sent her home. Her doctor was called every single day of that school year- honestly.....and every single morning I sent her to school, took her myself, and wound up within the hour going to get her.
    Then they decided she had an attendance "problem" - wanted to call it truancy- except she was there every single day. Then they got this idea that every morning she had to check in with school nurse, and school nurse would determine if she was "sick" or not. School nurse would determine this by------takeing her temperature.
    Then the school itself got to fighting amongst themselves, nurse saying she was not sick, teachers and dean saying no, send her home- and they absolutely would NOT listen to input from doctor or me. In eventual due process, the hearing officer got so sick of it, she told me to homeschool.

    I think a lot of times doctors maybe do not understand school rules etc and ecused absences etc.....and I KNOW schools do not always understand illness......and schools want kids at school becuz absence affects their funding and of course it does also affect kids grades.....
    but I want to stand up and scream, becuz common sense and logic seems to take a back seat to everything else.

    After my sons eye surgeries, which were kind of dramatic.....(he poked his eye out, local ER said his eye was fine eye specialist said 4 days later, NO< the globe is ruptured and leaking etc, son had 2 9 hour long surgeries at univ teachning hospital-----his eye is very damaged, and sightless) well, when he went back to school finally- the eye is of course very scarred. doctor does not want son to wear a patch over it, he had a reason, but at the moment, the reason escapes me......now my son missed 3 full months of school due to being at the univ hospital- and eye surgery has it's own restrictions etc on mobility etc.....and we were staying at a Ronald McDonald House. OK school had all this info-----the main office knew, the nurses office knew, all his teachers knew....evryone involved with his IEP team knew. they had ALL his records about it, had all these meetings about it.....and yet his first week back to school some teacher would grab him in the hallway and pull him to nurse, and they would call me on phone and demand I take my son to local ER to be checked for Pink Eye. They would ream me for sending a kid with possible contagious pink eye.....they would threaten my son when he would defend himself and say "this is a surgical eye" - they would call him a liar, and threaten detention for his lying. Not once, not twice..this occured several times a week. On the phone in front of my son, they would make rude comments to me like- no doctor would LEAVE an eye looking like THIS, it's UGLY.

    SO we got eye surgeon to permit sunglasses.....well, sunglasses are not permitted in school- so then son would get in trouble for that- even tho he had a docs order.

    It gets tiresome trying to explain to a doctor why the school wants or needs certain things certain ways and it gets frustrating when school personnel have no clue and do not understand what a doctor is doing. It is so frustrating to be the parent caught in the middle and I have to imagine it is especially awful to be the kid caught in the middle of it all!

    So the doctor just assumes school will understand, hey this kid is sick, and maybe cannot tolerate school while she has penumonia......and the school, I suppose, is thinking, if she is THAT ill, why didn't the doctor demand she not go to school? I dunno.

    I am glad the school sent her home, it should let us off the hook for her attendance now at least for the moment. BUT it sure put her thru more than she should have had to have been put thru.

    Ah bureacracy. Politics, red tape, head games, power struggles.
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    OK< guess I am chatty this morning, snow and bitter cold must be getting to me or something.

    ALl this reminded me of not the start of this school year, but start of last school year, so Fall of '06?

    easy child went to school, got stung by a bee right after arriving AT school, on school grounds. Apparently she developed an allergy, and she complained she could not breathe. Nurse was not yet at school, front office called me to tell me she said she could not breathe. I asked "is she breathing?" they said---OMG------"I dunno"
    Uh OK uh HELLO- call 9-1-1! Yeesh. You do not KNOW if she is not breathing? Well, I am not the nurse. Uh, it does not take a nurse to know if someone is breathing?
    so they send easy child to ER by ambulance and I meet easy child at ER. By the time I got there they had given her a shot, and they were LOL at schools 9-1-1 call, asking me how could school not know if someone is breathing? We wait at ER an hour or 2, and easy child is doing just fine, now. She wants to go to school. doctor says that will be fine.
    I drop easy child off at school, with her ER paperwork for school.
    I am not even out of school parking lot and school nurse calls me.
    Nurse says, are you excuseing PCs absence this morning?
    Um, what? uh, no, I am not. I am being sarcastic. Nurse says well, then easy child is truant for today, might as well come get her, cuz being truant, she will not get credit for her classes for today, and she will have a $50 fine. WHAT? Um scuse me- YOU called for ambulance, (the school) She has her ER paperwork, docs note etc. what do you mean, do I excuse her absence? What kind of goofy question is THAT?
    she missed what? 2 hours? (and one was a study hall)

    Actually that was the same week my sons school kept calling complaining I sent him to school with possible pink eye.

    And yup- I posted about it all as it was happenning, posted here, or on Special Education forum......(or both)

    Sometimes it is all the things surrounding something that are more difficult to cope with than the event itself. I mean it seemed pretty straightforward to me, kids not breathing, goes by ambulance, from school, comes back 2 hours later with docs paperwork etc, how could that be truancy?

    Kid has surgeries, spends 2 days every week at Rnald McDonald House for eye doctor follow up for 18 months, but now you are gonna wonder if there is medical neglect for pink eye? on one of the days the kid is NOT at RMH and univ hospital?
    And you want LOCAL inept E to confirm eye surgeon from major univ teaching hospital is on target?

  10. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Here's the irony of it -

    You ARE a saint.
    This IS heaven.

    feel any better? I was going for the uber positive angle there.

    Hope difficult child is feeling better and hope the snow allows you to recharge your batteries.
  11. dreamer

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    Star- ROFLOL
    thank you
    Yes, I actually do feel lots better, now that she can settle down and snuggle up and rest properly. we are sipping hot tea and watching the snow out the window, being glad we are done out there for the time being, LOL.
    She is decideing between rice or pasta in her chicken soup I am gonna make- and
    we are just gonna let the world pass us by for now, all of us here. :) Her sis and bro seldom see the busy miss easy child and the kitties and doggie are all trying to figure out just what she is doing home. So everyone is more than willing to cater to her.....and so for now all is well.....she seems to be comfy for now.
    Little brother set his alarm to remind us when it is time for medications and inhalers etc....big sis has offered to help with a warm bubble bath if easy child decides she wants one.....and both siblings have even given thier ill sister control of TV remote AND videogames. LOL.

    (OK, so maybe this will only last an hour, we will see, LOL)

    Thanks for all the well wishes for her. :)
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    Once my three kids all had pneumonia back to back. The doctors said it wasn't contagious after 24 hours on antibiotics and the incubation times weren't typical but I kid you not: as soon as one got better, the next one went down. The third time around they didn't even bother with the x-rays--just gave us the drugs.

    Phooey on going back to school--5 to 7 days of R&R and then reevaluate from there.

    Hope she's on the mend soon.
  13. Hound dog

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    I AM sooooo glad school nurse had the sense to send her home and let her rest.

    Oh, by the way how are you holding up after that last storm?

    By the time this winter is over you may never want to see another snowflake again. lmao (I know I wouldn't if I lived where you are)

  14. dreamer

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    I am also glad nurse sent her home. She took it easy today, and we kept her supplied in fluids, and she cuddled and snuggled and the whole house enjoyed haveing her around. Her color looks better with todays rest.

    As for the snow? I have not had TV on today, but I can tell you I thought TV said it was just last nite and this morning, but it is still coming down.......and I thought it said max 7 inches, but........we hit that much earlier today......and we are supposed to get another storm (possibly worse?) Thurs and Fri.

    THis is the first year in about 15 that we shoveled. Neither husband or I could, we never did find someone to pay to do it, and the kids WOULDN'T .......this year I have and I feel like LOL like I made up for all those years noone did!
    But now this week, I have fallen behind and the frigid temps of this week are partly to blame.

    Usually I enjoy each season for its unique gifts, but.....ahem..this winter is waering out it's welcome! LOL. I can say, however, that our snow has never been dirty and yukky looking all year becuz we get fresh new snow so often!!! LOL. i fear we are in for some flooding all over and including my basement when it allbegins to melt. and I am sure the sidewalk salt use has been so high we are not gonna have a lot of grass anywhere near our walks, so we are gonna have a LOT of mud. YUKKY!

    Oh well, one day about 30 years from now, my kids can get together and reminisce about the winter of 07-08. LOL