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    Hello again!

    Back from Michigan and easy child's bowling tournament. She didn't make the first cut, unfortunately. But we leave again this Friday for Vegas, another bowling tournament.

    Not really alot to report on the homophob issue with husband...he hasn't said much at all about easy child's new decision.

    easy child did go see her "girlfriend" as soon as we got back home. Her girlfriend just had her tonsils removed and easy child wanted to be there with her while she recouperates.

    Oh, I did have one mom at the tournament ask me if easy child still had a boyfriend, pretty sure the bowling community that easy child is known by has some inclination that she now may be attracted to girls rather than just boys.

    On another front...
    It would appear that oldest difficult child and his wife are having some problems. His wife, K, left for the weekend and her whereabouts were unknown to all. It was fairly uncomfortable to talk to her mother, we were supposed to talk about Wedding Plans and instead we end up talking/trying to figure out where K was all weekend and discussing the fact that all is not rosy in paradise with the two of them.

    Young difficult child's wife is traveling to Germany tomorrow to visit young difficult child. Young difficult child Still has yet to meet his son...My lil grandbaby Joey http://www.flickr.com/photos/13271215@N05/
    Yes, I DO spend ALOT of time with him...he is such a doll baby and learning to walk it would appear before really even getting the hang of crawling, lol.
    Anyway, I'm hoping that young difficult child and my sweet daughter in law M have a happy reunion in Germany.
    Oh also, it would appear young difficult child will NOT get kicked out of the Army. They are trying to keep him in according to the latest word from young difficult child.

    Thanks again all for the Many Many replies I got on the thread about easy child coming out. I fully and unconditionally accept easy child as is and husband well, I think he is quietly in his own space, realizing that easy child is still his wonderful daughter and that Nothing should ever get in the way of his love for her.

    Also, I am looking for MrsMcNear46. I have tried emailing her and sending her a pm from the board as well. If anyone has heard from her recently and knows that she is okay, please let me know, thank you.

    Hugs and Love,
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    He is absolutely beautiful!
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    Thank you Big Bad Kitty! Now...I Wonder if were going to be expecting another grandbaby after M makes this trip to see young difficult child in Germany tomorrow. I have warned her about this as This is exactly how I got pregnant With young difficult child some 19 or so years ago (2 weeks together between basic training and husband's leave for Germany).
    by the way, did you notice the first 2 pics...One of young difficult child when he was around 4 months old and the other of his son, Joey, at around 4 months old. Don't they look EXACTly alike! Pretty strong genetics...lets just hope lil Joey continues to develop as a "easy child" rather than a "difficult child", lol.

    Thanks for checkin out my pics, I am amongst the proudest of grandparents.
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    Sorry easy child didn't make first cut. She will do great in Vegas. Treat yourselves to a show or something while you are there!! Give her a hug from me if she remembers me! As to if the circuit knows she is "out" or whatever, don't worry about it. The question may be that this mom's kid was interested in easy child, or just making conversation.

    I will pray that M and youngest have a great reunion. Is Joey going, or do you get to keep him? As to the next grandkid, well, that is in other hands than ours, isn't it?

    I am sorry Oldest's wife took a flyer. That is kind of scary, in my opinion. I hope she was safe. I also hope they can repair/mend/improve things - but she will have to grow up and admit they are whatever, wouldn't she? It is good you and her mom can get together and talk, sounds like you get along. That ALWAYS makes the situation easier.

    I don't know if husband ever liked me, but I am glad he is remembering she is his loving daughter. He can be a really good guy (after all, he has loved you for how many years??) Hugs to both of you!

    Love, Susie