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    She called my cell phone last night about an hour after she would have arrived at the house and asked what I was doing. I told her I was at Buffalo Wild wings with BFF Jill eating dinner. She told me she was on her way home. I asked her how dinner was and she said, good, I brought Tiff (her bff) with me, I just dropped her off, now I'm going home.

    When I got home I kept it light and just said, so you had a nice dinner, and she said, I'm not going to lie to you, she was nice to me, but I told daddy she's not pretty at all :surprise: and that her cousin Brittany was right. Then she said girlfriend left before she did, and that was within an hour, that she seemed really uncomfortable and didn't talk much and that she can't see what her father sees in her at all. Then she added how I'm much prettier then her and so much nicer, and that Tiff said the same thing. I said, well it wasn't like I was worried that she was going to replace me or anything :flower: and she said, omg, that could never happen.

    The only other things I asked her was if her daughter was there and she said no. And I asked her if she felt comfortable in the house or if she felt like a guest and she said she definatley felt like a guest. This made me angry at first, because I thought, how dare he!!! But then she added, I think that is because none of my stuff is there anymore, and this is my home now :smile:

    Why do I worry about her???? I guess it's just my motherly instinct, but she can hold her own and once again has proved to me what a mature, AWESOME, young lady she is.

    I still can't believe she told him that she's ugly, but Cay doesn't usually pull any punches.

    I'm just glad girlfriend had the dignity to be uncomfortable. I have to remember that she is the innocent victim in this and not the cause of any of my marital problems. She's a stupid innocent victim, but that is besides the point.

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    Oh Cay also told me that he had the table all set up with flowers, candles and wine???? What was this a romantic dinner for 3??? That is really bizarre. I'm sure she probably thought, boy he never set the table like this for me and mommy when we lived home. I didn't make any comments about that.
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    Your daughter ROCKS!!!!

    :bravo: :smile:
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    On the other hand....WE have NO idea what HP has told the girlfriend. And if he keeps true to form, He will have portrayed himself as a victim, to get her pity. You're wise to see that she was not part of your marital problems - but she certainly has little cooth being in your old house, meeting YOUR kids before you and HP are divorced.

    Your daughter IS Awesome! Had to laugh at her telling dad his girlfriend was not a beauty like her Mother - that's probably one of the classiest put-downs I've heard in a while out of a teen.

    Bravo! Hope your wings were good -

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    What takes less cooth is that right now she's on the way up to OUR vacation home in VT to see it before it's sold next week. Why in the world would you want to go spend a romantic weekend in a vacation home that you know was built for your new boyfriend's wife and family????

    The funniest thing is it's such a small town, boy will the rumors be flying when they see him there with somebody else.
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    I do feel for this woman. As you said, you live in a small town. That means there's probably not many eligible men available and if she's not attractive, that makes it even harder for her. So, you have this guy who is probably reasonably attractive giving a great sob story about how is wife cold, left him and he needs a warm, loving woman. Then, he guilts her into coming over for a dinner with his daughter -- one that she feels is much too soon but she wants to keep her man happy. On top of that, he starts whining about having to drive to Vermont alone, to get rid of a cabin that HE loves and had built for him (mind you, not his family -- for him). If she wants to keep this fool, she thinks she has to do what he wants. When the stars and blinders wear off, she'll probably run, not walk, to the door. For now, though, she'll try to keep him happy.

    Your daughter did awesome! And just think poor S2BX had to sit in his empty house after everyone left wondering why his "family" dinner was such a flop. I'm sure he'll come up with a reason or two, none of which have anything to do with the truth that the timing was wrong, the meeting was wrong, he was WRONG.
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    Thanks meowbunny. Actually the town we actually live in is not a small town, but the town in VT that he's bringing her to for the weekend, where our cabin is, is very very very small.
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    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Why in the world would you want to go spend a romantic weekend in a vacation home that you know was built for your new boyfriend's wife and family???? </div></div>

    Am I seeing $$$ in her eyes? "When it's sold he'll build a new one for me..."

    Your daughter handled it with class. I hope he won't try to pull this bull-pucky again.
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    OK, if it were me - a single mom filled with stress and working paycheck to paycheck. I would go to a cabin in VT with just about anyone!

    Sorry - it does not say anything about the relationship or what kind of person she is. She just may need a bit of a getaway. in my humble opinion, of course.
    This is something she probably looks at as a once in a lifetime event. Of course, I am assuming this from her being a single mom and maybe I should not. She may have a house on a tropical island for all I know.