easy child is still struggling. I think a medication change is in order.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Californiablonde, Oct 8, 2013.

  1. Californiablonde

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    easy child started back on his Focalin and it doesn't seem to be helping the way it used to. Last year, when he was living with me, it seemed to be his wonder drug. It turned his grades from D's and F's to all straight A's. His teachers said he was always on task, participating in class, and had no problems at all whatsoever focusing. It was like a miracle pill. Since his dad refused to give him his medications when he moved in with him last April, his grades started to slip. His teachers reported he couldn't stay on task and work wasn't getting completed. I put easy child back on his medications about a week and a half ago and he is still having a hard time. He is currently getting F's in History and Math. Math is his best subject. He is gifted and last year was doing tenth grade math in the sixth grade. This year they put him in an honors class and he is struggling. I contacted his math teacher, and she says easy child can't focus and never seems to be paying attention. She also says he is completely non verbal. She will ask him questions and he will shake his head or shrug his shoulders. She is recommending he be put in a lower level math class. She says she simply doesn't have the time to keep re directing him as her class is very fast paced. easy child's study skills teacher has been working with him after school to complete some of the assignments he doesn't get done in class. His teacher says she knows he is capable and smart. The work he does turn in is accurate and he get's A's on them. It's just the fact that he can't focus enough to work in class. His history teacher reports that he is also missing several assignments and has a hard time getting classwork done. I think Focalin has outlived it's usefullness. Has anybody else experienced this? Having a stimulant work then suddenly stop? We have an appointment with his psychiatrist tomorrow and I'm thinking maybe we should try something else.
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    Did you start him on the same dosage of the medication as he was on when his father stopped giving it to him, or are you working him up to the right dose? He's grown since last spring (at least if he's like my kids he has) and he might need a higher dose. Call the doctor who prescribed the medications and see what they say.
  3. Californiablonde

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    He is taking the same dose as last year, which is the highest possible dose. His psychiatrist prescribed the medication and we are seeing him tomorrow.
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    Our experience with the stimulant class of medications is that we have to switch difficult child every once in awhile. It's like he develops a sort of tolerance to the medication. We have done Concerta, Methylphenidate both short and long acting, and Vyvanse. Right now we're back on Concerta.
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    difficult child 1 gets used to medications every few months and we have to change. Some of this might be emotional as well.
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    I was wondering if some of it could be emotional as well. easy child says he made a couple of friends in class but he still eats lunch by himself. He doesn't appreciate the fact that I have to drop him off so early before school either. I know he's not very happy. He usually loves school and says all his classes are easy. He just doesn't seem to care much anymore. I am hoping it's not all emotional and another medication could help him.
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    I really feel for your easy child - the kid has had a tough time of it the last 9 months or so. There have been a lot of changes, struggles, and disappointments. Perhaps he's also needing someone to talk to beside his mom. Has he ever done talk therapy? Sounds like he's a little down.

    As his mom I would see if I could foster one of those friendships that are budding for him. Perhaps pick him and one of his new buddies up from school on Friday and drop them at the movies. If the funds are tight, perhaps renting a movie and doing pizza at your house.

    Very often our kids benefit from seeing other students outside of school. It creates a feeling of belonging and connection at school.