easy child "rollercoaster" update

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    well, easy child was back in hospital again today all day inpatient in L&D ward......again cuz she was spilling ketones again.......and UG the doctor just frustrates heck outta me BIG TIME.
    BUT the hospital itself, the nurses were great, gold as gold. Treated easy child awesome.
    ALas, her blood pressure was quite low, at hospital, altho not an hour earlier docs office nurse gave a VERY different bloood pressure reading, I think office nurse faked it.
    I myself got into words with darned doctor and office nurse......but right now I am exhasuted.

    while at hospital- one of my daughters friends was there, just had HER baby (another one, not same one as last week, this one had ruptured placenta- and her baby was a preemie) BUT the friend sa w us and was SO happy to see someone......and then her aunt and mother came and visited easy child- her aunt is the customer my easy child was checking out when she fainted at work Sat......
    and then husband brought difficult child up to hospital to see the friend.....and the nurses thought it so nifty to have this "girls club" they arranged for the ICU nursery staff to prep the new preemie for ALL of us to see. Silly husband got all mushy and melty and sentimental and teary eyed. LOL.

    Once easy child had enough IV fluid in this time (5 liters) GRRR she began to vomit again in earnst.....cuz doctor forgot to add on the anti emetic......
    and then it was so much IV fluid so fast, this time PCs body did not handle to sugar content. SO_ she got sugar overload. BUT once she had no more ketones, they let her come home, anyway. BUT the hospital nurses are wondering why PCs docs are letting it go on so long and with such serious weight loss without finally doing the PICC line.
    AND PCs work is getting tired of getting time off work notes good for only 1-2 days at a time nonstop------they KNOW she has been in and out of hospital. and I am getting tired of the anti emetic RX being good for only picking up 2 days worth of doses at a time. I asked dr why and she said INs wont pay for more.I said HA ins refuses to pay AT ALL...but it is wearing me out to keep 3 appts per week with docs, the are for easy child AND raceing around with the doctor notes to work and standing in line for Rxs. Dumb doctor. Really our private ins DOES pay a portion of the anti emtic, but Medicaide refuses to pay.......they allowed 8 pills. 2 days worth. Period. Our private ins is awesome and give us NO trouble.....but it really does not matter cuz easy child HAS to have it. SO- I will pay no matter......and I HAE been paying.....so why does doctor care?

    anyway I am literally exhausted tonite.......I hope my update is not too confuseing.
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    I'm assuming you've discussed this with the doctor? Any chance you can get a new doctor? I think I would be...
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    It is time to write all your concerns down. Use OUTLINE format, not paragraphs.

    Tell the doctor you think this is endangering easy child, her job, her baby, her health.

    Tell them you need 1 week or 1 month scrip for the anti-emetic, you think after losing X pounds through week Y, it is time for her to have treatment Z as recommended by the American Board of Obstetrics (or whatever the name of the group is). Look up whatever the recommendations are, and then sit with the doctor until he takes you seriously. If the doctor leaves, you can stay in the room until he comes back. Tell the nurse you need to speak with him, he left, and you will be staying until he can talk to you and take you seriously.

    It sounds like this doctor is overscheduled and is just rushing through things. I could be incredibly wrong, but this is NOT something to mess around with much longer. Make sure easy child is with you. It might be a wonderful idea to have easy child sign an advance healthcare directive. Any hospital will have that paperwork, and doctor cannot fight it.

    Is it possible to find another doctor? Maybe ask the nurses at the hospital what doctor they think would take her and be more likely to treat her appropriately.

    I am sorry this is so hard on her and all of you. Glad you go to see your friends and the preemie.
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    Gosh, how long are you and your daughter going to have to go through this? How much time does she have left?
    I am so sorry.
    I agree with-SusieStar, that it sounds like the doctor is rushing. If your not bleeding through every orifice, they don't even blink.
    I'm glad you/she got to see some friends, though. That's a great pick-me-up.