Eckhart Tolle on Freedom from Negative Self Talk

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Scent of Cedar *, Jul 31, 2015.

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    This is a seven minute clip of a longer (for purchase) piece, but the relevant material is there.

    Mostly, Eckhart is saying self talk is a kind of self-hypnosis. To become aware of it enables us to stop believing it, or believing in it.

    The first step is to be aware of the thought. The second is to ask yourself which you are, the thinker or the awareness watching the thinking.

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    Thanks Cedar.

    It is so freeing when we let go of negative self talk and replace it with positive. Doing this is what really helped me to start believing in myself again.
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    Ilanya Van Zandt writes that we all have a "story". She likens the self-defeating stories to an addiction we are as enamored of as an addict is enamored of all things having to do with his addiction. In different words, she says the same thing Eckhart is telling us. I am not exactly sure how to balance needing to see my past from a different perspective versus just watching the story roll past without investing emotionally in it. I think what I see here on the site is that those of us with disheartening childhoods pulled our lives together admirably but were rebroken when our kids were endangered. I wonder whether I would have been that stronger mom I am always posting about if I had addressed those broken places instead of surmounting them.

    I do agree with what Eckhart says.

    I just think he has never been mom to a self destructing child. It is impossible to just let go of, or to somehow incorporate, the terrible things we come to know with such intimacy.


    For me, today, it is, anyway.
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    In the days that have passed since this was first posted, we have discovered the issue of betrayal, and of betrayal of self. That information and the references we explored are listed in FOO Thread #2. With the betrayal piece, we were able to let go of so much of the hurt in our negatives. I think it is happening that with the betrayal of self piece ~ once we could see it, I mean ~ we seem to be able to let go; to let that negative tape break apart.

    Or to make it amenable to questioning, whereas before, the negatives ran unnoticed, they were so much a part of our background of self.