Educational Consultants - are they independent

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    A pair of co-workers contacted one and he recommend the same school regardless of the fact that they needed different help to manage in a school system.

    Later they spoke with an employee on the school they were refered to and the ed con worked freelance with papers for the administration of the school.

    Because we are not allowed to name specific schools I can not link to a webpage with more than 20 consultants, "who knows the school well" as the headline states.

    Here they are on the payrole of our social services, so they are free to use. My collegues will try to contact a member of our town-council to make matters straight.

    Are educational consultants not meant to be independent?
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    The schools here are to provide you with a list of Parent Advocates for free if you ask. However, what I was told at the time I was searching for one that the ones listed on the Schools list were X teachers/employees of the district. Even though independent PA's were on the list, you couldn't tell which ones were not affiliated with the SD - so I went out, looked for an independent and hired him - I had more than a few bad experiences with the SD in wanting to cover their behinds instead of doing the right thing in getting appropriate eductional tools for my son.