200Meters, I love the harmonies in that song. I think you’ve given me a new musical group to check out.

And welcome back, but I’m so sorry for your need to be here again. I do remember you from before and always enjoyed your posts, especially your great sense of humor. Levity is important even when we‘re hurting.


A real bustard
Hi Nandina!

The woman playing the guitar is Rona Kenan. She sings alot of modern Israeli folk. The other woman, who only sings, is Maureen Nehedar. She emigrated from Iran & sings alot of Persian Jewish hymns, and religious-themed songs, in both Parsi & Hebrew. They're both on YouTube but sing almost entirely in Hebrew.

Thank you for the welcome back.

Humor keeps us from losing it entirely and going nuts, especially when we're hurting.


A real bustard
Well, not much has changed in the past week. We have found a new apartment for Older Son & his Ladyfriend. Older Son actually went to the Zoom meeting with the Small Business Administration course. The supermarkets here are all hiring extra workers to fill the online orders ahead of our fall holydays. Ladyfriend says she will get them both jobs at one of the local supermarkets. We will see what happens.