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    We had a long morning, the radiology place is not very well organised. Long queues etc, when sister clinics with a bigger patient load and fewer staff on the desk manage a lot better. oh, well...

    They were half an hour late. Not pleasant, for an ultrasound. Poor easy child 2/difficult child 2 was having a lot of difficulty holding on, her bladder now feeling like a football. The radiologist was very kind (and seemed to really know her stuff). easy child 2/difficult child 2 had been primed by the doctor to have a transverse vaginal scan as well as the normal through the abdomen one. She had the right to decline the TV scan but as this would have meant holding on to her bladder for even longer, PLUS the doctor wanted it, she finally said OK. Or rather, agreed to not veto the test. And I'm glad she did - the scan visualises so much more using the TV. Mind you, it is confronting for a young girl to have this long, white, jelly-covered probe shoved inside your vagina. But it did mean a much more detailed examination, which I think was needed here.
    The radiologist also broke the rules a bit by reassuring easy child 2/difficult child 2, at the end of the scan, that she could see find no cause on the ultrasound to explain the 6 weeks of spotting. As I said to easy child 2/difficult child 2 afterwards, this is good news. It doesn't mean that a cause won't be found, but any cause found on an ultrasound would not be very nice.

    They gave us a time of anything from 90 minutes to 3 hours, for the report to be ready and as she is seeing the doctor tomorrow after she finishes work, we had to hang around for the report. So we went shopping for my Asian supplies. difficult child 1 came along too, and because his girlfriend lives in this same suburb he knows the place well, he took us to his favourite grocery stores. Both he and easy child 2/difficult child 2 went looking through what few Halloween costumes there are (this IS Australia) looking for a scythe - not for Halloween, but for an upcoming fantasy book/film festival. She wants to go in costume as Susan Sto Helit, from "Hogfather" by Terry Pratchett. Susan is Death's adopted granddaughter, she sometimes has to help him out at work...

    But I digress. The kids were both helpful, when they weren't dashing off here or there in search of a particularly obscure brand of Chinese lemonade. We were loaded with provisions when we got back to our parking spot outside the radiology place and easy child 2/difficult child 2 went in for her report. And waited. The person behind the counter who she first spoke to said, "It's just being transcribed now, then it is sent to the printer so I expect it will only be another few minutes."
    Twenty minutes later, easy child 2/difficult child 2 noticed this person behind the counter was not there, so she approached the new person. "I'm waiting for my report."
    The report had been finished, but they had no idea she had been sitting there waiting for it!

    No tantrums today, although while shopping I could hear the whine and lecturing tone starting up. By this stage she was feeling less stressed (the scan was over) and so this may have helped her stay calmer.

    She will have to see the doctor by herself tomorrow but she's done that before. I've got to give her a list of things to mention tomorrow, including the name of my gynaecologist (I think the doctor is going to want her seen by an expert). She's currently working on her college homework (due next week) which she had planned to do today if she hadn't been going out.

    Hopefully things can remain calm tonight. We do tend to have more meltdowns on days when she's been at work.

    So, more news tomorrow! I hope...

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    Thanks for the update. It sounds like a very stressful day for easy child/difficult child 2. These exams are stressful for those of us who've been through it a time or two because of our age.

    Keep us updated on the results. Keeping fingers crossed the easy child/difficult child 2 has a better, more relaxed day today.