"EIP"-according to difficult child

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difficult child had a psychiatrist appointment. today after school. He has been doing somewhat better at school since the school actually started following the IEP (imagine that :rolleyes: ).

difficult child was complaining to the psychiatrist that because of that EIP thing Mom wrote up I now get two warnings and have to go to the time out room.

Just had to laugh at the "EIP" and the fact that he thinks it's all my fault.

difficult child did admits he tries a lot harder after two warnings because the time out room is boring-he would rather go to the office where it isn't so boring!

All in all a good psychiatrist appointment. We are increasing his Lamictal up to 200mgs a day.


We're just a board full of "meanies", lately, aren't we? :rofl:

I'm glad it's working.

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I'm pretty sure the "mom manual" includes various & sundry tortures with which to raise our children. :rofl:

Too cute! :smile: