Eleven..going on...THREE


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I SWEAR.......this child is going to do me in. As you may know from another post of mine, I've been watching difficult child's blood pressure as it seems to be creeping upward. I've been keeping a log of it each day taken about the same time. Last evening it was normal and I was SO excited (I've been worried the the doctor will take him off Focalin XR..and it works well), so this morning I had him sit to take it again. I wrapped the cuff around his arm, set the monitor, and pushed GO. I returned and I looked at it...and it said 125/101 !!!!!!!!!!! I almost panicked. THEN difficult child said he sat there flexing his arm while it was constricting. ARG>........... Now isn't that something a three year old would do? I've told him over and over to sit there quietly for the few seconds it takes to inflate and deflate. Now, of course, I have no clue what his BiPolar (BP) was and from what I understand it can't be taken again for at least thirty min. to get a good reading. *Sigh*...I know this is minor in my day, but jeeesh, he does a million things like this each day. It's so tiring and I'm so sick of it.


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Yep, just goes to show that you have to sit there and watch while you take the BiPolar (BP).....


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I think our children are twins split at birth. I could have posted about this morning with the same title, different scenario.

I was woken up this morning because my 11 year old difficult child was fighting with my 3 year old easy child over a Spiderman pillow that is neither of theirs. The thing is, when I went to go see why my 3 year old was crying, my 11 year old was standing on his bed saying, "How do you ask nicely?"....grrrr....ya, like he would know the answer to that even if she did say it correctly. Not only that, but hes 4'10 and she's 3' tall, why the need to stand on the bed to keep it away from her? Shes so big shes going to overpower him? *rolling my eyes*

On a seperate note, does Foclin raise the blood pressure? I have two on it, maybe I should be checking them. Hmmm..


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AllStressedOut, our child psychiatrist said Focalin can cause high blood pressure. At the time she wasn't concerned, but said to watch it. I don't think it's a real common side effect, but it wouldn't hurt to watch the BiPolar (BP) of your children just in case. My son is very fit, not overweight and gets lots of exercise. I can't imagine that high BiPolar (BP) could be caused by anything other than his medications, but he's been on Focalin for years. I don't know why it would just now be showing up with a side effect except for the length of time he's been on it.


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It's a kid's job to drive his parents' nuts, isn't it?
He's doing a great job of it. :crazy:
So sorry for you... but I had to chuckle when I read your note. There is no way kids "get it" when it comes to stuff like that.


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Just like a difficult child to not be able to sit there and do nothing. Can't blame him really. I bet most of our difficult children would not be able to do that without supervision.

Hope today gets better! And I hope the BiPolar (BP) is not elevated.


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OMGoodness......this high BiPolar (BP) is MY fault!!!!!! difficult child has been on Clonidine for a long time to help with his sleeping. The doctor prescribed Rozerem, so I quit giving him the Clonidine. I figured the Rozerem replaced the Clonidine, right? I just realized (and I KNEW better{DUH!}) I can't stop that Clonidine suddenly. This has to be EXACTLY why his blood pressure has been elevated. This afternoon I gave him 1/2 tab. of .1 mg and his BiPolar (BP) was back to normal within two hours. At least I'm not in a panic anymore and this can wait till our next appointment. WHEW!!