emotionally impaired program ?'s to ask


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well they are going to set up a countywide program for early elem students with-ei issues.

this school is 1/2 away so as much as i think the program will be great for difficult child the possible 1 hr bus ride will be an issue seeing that i have to pick him up from school now(5 mins away).

so my ? for all of you is what kind of ?'s should i ask about the program? i am visiting the upper elem program today and will being given the tour by the sw of that school and the Special Education supervisior for the county resd.

we have had a mediation set for tues 29th but it just might end up being a transitional iep depending on the info i gather and what husband and i decide. biggest deal breaker is the transportation issue next to the fact that my twins will now be on different schedules, different schools, and just basic family inconvience.