Even sadder post ((((JOYBELLS)))))) (((((CW))))


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I had an ominous feeling all afternoon at work. I came home and the feeling persisted.

We were eating supper when the phone rang.....husband said:” It is a Canada call." I knew at once what had happened.

husband spoke softly and kindly to CW, as CW told him that Joy had passed away this afternoon.

I barely heard him say to CW, that Joy suffers no more.

Fly free with the angels, dearest Joy.


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OMG I am so sad and so sorry. I had a very ominous feeling too today but I was hoping I was wrong.

There are just no words. One of our dearest family members will now be a guardian angel for others.

Sending prayers of comfort and peace for C.W., this will be a very difficult time.

Indeed, Joy suffers no more.

May God comfort those who are grieving. My prayers go out to all of you (including CW) for your loss.

Do not forget to celebrate her wonderful life.


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Joy wasn't on the board much when I joined but I do remember that she was always kind and caring in her responses.

May she be at peace now.



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I didn't really know her but from what I saw she seemed like a very wonderful person. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.


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My heart breaks at the grief CW must be feeling at the loss of his beloved Joy. I pray she is at peace and that CW will find peace and comfort in his memories.


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My heart is just breaking.

Deepest sympathies to CW and the rest of her family. She will be dearly missed.

Rest in peace Joybells.


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I am so glad I got to meet both CW and Joy in April of this year. We had planned a meet about 5 years ago, right about the time, CW feel and injured his leg, that later resulted in amputation.

Joy first welcomed me to this board 8 years ago. I believe she was on the board, before Abby, the previous owner of the board, when Mamabear was coordinating a board that preceded this one.

She was there for me in the wee late hours of the evening, while I worried and fretted over difficult child and GFGmom. She was so kind and supportive.

Mattsmom, you are right about CW and Joy being so totally devoted to each other.

They are as they seem on this board, no surprises, just as sweet as you would think. Joy and I just held hands the whole time we visited. We laughed and smiled, and talked about good times and bad times.

I too pray that CW will feel heal from this tragedy, and that he will have peace, knowing that Joy suffers no more. She would not want him to grieve as I know that he must in order to heal.

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My heart aches for the grief CW must be feeling. Joy touched so many lives. She will indeed be truely missed. Saying many prayers for CW and for the family.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Thanks Nana for letting us know.
I am heartbroken that she has left us. She was such a joyful person and I will miss her. She has battled illness for a long time. :crying:
Give my best to CW.
:angel: </span>


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When I came here 6 years ago Joy and CW were so kind and welcoming. I was reeling from the decisions we were making for our son and she always provided an ear - even when all I could manage was ranting.

Is there anyone who has CW's address that you could PM me - I would like to send a sympathy card.


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Gosh, I am so sorry to read this post. Joy was always so comforting in her posts - despite all that she was always dealing wtih and going through.

I have a very heavy heart. Prayers going out to CW tonight.


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This must have happened just after I spoke by phone to C.W. this afternoon. Be at peace now dear Joy. I will call C.W. tomorrow.
:frown: :frown: :frown:


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My heart breaks for C.W. but it is true Joy is at peace now and no longer in pain. She was so full of kind words. My thoughts are with C.W. :sad:

If you could pass on an address here as well, I would like to send a card as well.


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C.W. returned my call. He is at his daughters house. He sounded okay, I think a bit in shock. He said she was ready to go and that she went peacefully. I felt lost for words. I hope I can find a friend to drive me to Joy's funeral. It would mean alot to be there for me, she just hit a special part of my heart when we met.


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If anyone has an address for CW, I would like to have it too. I had one a few years ago and sent them a Christmas card but I would never be able to find it now and it may not still be correct.

Joy was such a special, sweet, thoughtful, kind lady - with all that she went through, I don't think I ever saw a post from her where she didn't sound happy and cheerful. I still have many of her recipes. I am so saddened to hear that she has passed, but she had been so sick for so long, she is finally free of all that and no longer in pain.

My prayers go out to CW and their family. So sad.


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Being new here, I had never gotten the pleasure of meeting Joy, but one more prayer never hurt.

My heart goes out to CW and his family. Bless you all. &lt;3