Even THEY can see it


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I met with difficult child's foster carer for the first time last night. He ACTUALLY agrees with me!! I said i felt that our social worker was too young and inexperienced (being a 21 yr old student) and that our case was too complicated for her. he agreed and said there have been things she has said to him and his wife that they have not agreed with. They have been fostering for 19 years now so ,of course, know the system a little better than me... they just went over her head to someone higher every time they thought she said or did something not quite right. They are as glad as i am that we will be getting a new social worker soon.

I am sooooooooo happy that someone else can see it . I thought i was just being biased and hard on her.

Fingers crossed we get the 'right' person for the job.


Fingers crossed for you, too. Having the right people involved makes all the difference in the world. It's so nice to be validated, isn't it?

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Those poor, young, idealistic new grad students. Our difficult children tend to open their eyes sooner or later. :rolleyes: :hammer: :smile:

I'm glad that fosters recognize the situation & are going to work with you & the system for difficult child.



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Glad you are getting a worker you feel more comfortable with. It's a toughie just like kid looking for a job for the first time. If you don't have experience, they won't hire you. So how are you to get the experience?? But, in complicated cases, you would think they would assign someone with more experience.

Good news.



I have to say our case worker looks on the young side, but I was very impressed by his level of maturity and his realistic approach, I mean he said in so many words, "the schools over react, but they have to".


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the present social worker wont listen to the school, saying he is violent in school because he isn't home with us... errrrrrrr he is in foster care BECAUSE he is violent to us!! She feels because he isn't working with the system.. or with anyone.. he should be here... ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh i feel like i am going round in circles with her.. roll on transfer day!!

she really doesn't have a clue.. and neither does her supervisor!! I have been treated like the enemy for two months now, they have been saying i am washing my hands of him and that i don't care... and that couldn't be further from the truth. If i didn't care i would have let him carry on destroying his life and ours. If i had washed my hands of him i wouldn't be attending every meeting they throw at me and jumping thru hoops for them! It makes me so angry at times!!


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Crossing my fingers that your new sw is the right one. So nice that you are all on the same page. We have also run into very young staff/team members. It's frustrating when they are telling you how you should handle your children, when they aren't that much past simple babysitting - not a thought of children of their own yet. I have wanted to say "yeah, check back with me in 10 years, okay?" on several ocassions, but have always been able to restrain myself (so far - lol).

Good luck!


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It would be good if the new SW was sufficiently competent to do a great job, and to ALSO take the previous, inexperienced SW under her wing to show her how to do the job right.

It's fabulous that you and the fosters are on the same page with this.