- Ever heard of REMICADE?


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My daughter will begin Remicade IV therapy on Sept. 11 - I am curious - has anyone heard of it personally? I've visited the website - I just want to talk to someone who has personal experience or information.


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My mom took remicade. She has several autoimmune problems. I cannot say my mom had long term good results, but short term she felt better. She is now on arrava (sp?) and is doing much better.

I was on Enbrel injections. They worked a bit, but not much. I just switched to humira last week. They are similar to remicade. With the kind of arthritis I have remicade is not supposed to work as well as the humira. But it is one of our next options (will have to try the humira for at least 4 months first).

I am so sorry your daughter is sick enough she needs this, but hopefully it will make a huge difference for her. Several of the women at the lupus/RA support group here absolutely love remicade. (Part of the love for 3 of them is the IV bit - they have small kiddoes and it is their "break" - they all go together and have a lovely time chatting!)




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Remicade is often given for severe rheumatoid arthritis that is not responding to other treatments. I was a candidate for it but the Methotrexate I was taking finally began to work. There are some side effects that I don't remember right now so watch for them, but it should help. I was 18 when I developed RA.


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We did our therapy today and it was sooooooo looonnnngggg! But she did great! She started having a bit of a reaction - getting itchy and had a coupld of little red bumps on her stomach and back. They stopped it for an hour and then restarted it at a much lower flow. She said she is very, very tired and slept all day long, but she feels just fine.

We are hoping this will help her. She has 2 more sessions and then will schedule her some every 8 weeks.