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difficult child shows his compassionate side. Yesterday he received a consequence and started calling me all sorts of names! About 20 minutes later he came and apologized. He even gave me in his words a "bear" hug. Then he asked if I was feeling sad. It's nice to know he has this side to him even if I don't see it often.

Of course, within 1/2 hour he was back to his usual self and he again was swearing up a storm at me. Still I have to savor the moment.


Mom? What's a difficult child?
Only parent's of g'sfg could truly appreciate that! How sweet. Was the bear hug a rib cracker???

Good for difficult child for trying.


trying to survive....

I'm happy to hear about he bear hug !!! Sorry about the medications issue. Most of the time difficult child takes his medications without complaint--If not I do the bribe thing...this is not at all negotiable and somehome he just complies. I guess he knows they really help.


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It is nice to see that in them now and then. Give hope!

I hated those rib cracking hugs! I told difficult child that those hugs were for daddy and mommy gets soft hugs!!


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Hang onto this moment - it may well help you in the future. I'm glad you get to see the "soft, gentle" part of difficult child. :dance:


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Glad you got that glimpse of difficult child's good side! Always a nice boost. :smile:

difficult child's seem to give the biggest hugs when they want to, don't they? Our difficult child is big on those, too.

Hope you get more nice moments in the coming days.

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Thanks Ladies! It is so rare to get these moments with difficult child that it really was special. The bear hug was nice-not too rough!