Excercise members check in today


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I decided to try something new. Instead of excercising in the evening and then being too wound up to sleep I did my excercise this morning.

I did 3.6 miles on the treadmill in 60 minutes and 6 miles on the bike in 30 :smile:. Then I did my stretching and stomach crunches and a couple other excercises easy child ashowed me for love handles.

I am really pleased with the results I'm getting so far. My clothes are fitting so much better nd my stomach is getting flatter...not flat just flatter.

easy child forgot her ipod when she went back to college yesterday so I was zipping along with her tunes as I rode. I listened to all the fast songs and sang along with them and felt great. Good thing no one else was home. I'm thinking of asking for an ipod for my birthday, it passes the time well.

So how did everyone else do.



I want to play. Only, don't think I could find the time everyday to Excercise. Work full time weird hours. Although I walk the dogs 2x's a day, and on my 3/4 days off I can go to the fitness center. So..can I play too??
This new job has been hard on me. don't know when to eat. Working midnight to noon, I am starving when i get home, then I have the dr. appointment.'s and grocery shopping, bill paying, clothes washing, phone calls(mostly from school),maybe make dinner, pick up from school (if not already there for something). Then I go to bed. When I get up at 10pm, I am not hungry. Go to work and I am starving, so I find myself munching all night long. THEN..they have a cafeteria that opens at 6am with really yummy food. I try not to go there as I will eat bad, bad things.
Just started zoloft and afraid that will cause weight gain. But, if i have something to report maybe it will give me the incentive to actually go do something.



I did not exercise. I presented a paper on the survey done here last year. I'm sure that burns a lot of calories but does nothing for abs.

I wanted to tell you I have an I-pod. Ex-difficult child gave it to me for Mother's Day two years ago. I was touched by his generosity but I thought this was a "kid" gadget that I really didn't need. WRONG! I use my I-pod more than both kids put togehter. I use it to exercise, meditate, and go to sleep-- and even after two years, it is only half full. I really like mine and thought I would let you know that for someone who exercises regularly, I think it is a very good gift.



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> :sad: WAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!
I have been traveling all day. No exercise and my mom
had cannoli and nut roll all ready for me. Waaaaa. It
is not going to be easy to exercise. It's freakin' cold
up here. Hopefully if I stay at in laws I can avoid
the cannoli and nut rolls for a few days.
It's not going to be a good week.
Good for you Nancy. You are really keeping your motivation
up. I love the feeling of my jeans fitting comfortably.</span>

Sue C

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Well, my exercise routine is Mon, Wed, Fri at Curves, so I did not exercise today. Plus I did not feel well all afternoon and took about a 3 hournap. I'm thinking on the days I don't go to Curves, I should ride my exercise bike at home.


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I'm proud of me today. I really didn't feel like working out after a long, not successful IEP meeting for difficult child. Came home and ate dinner. At 8:00 husband said let's go to the club and work out! I didn't feel like it at all but I wnet and bike 10.1 miles. I'm stillnot in a great mood due to the stuff that happened earlier but I feel much better!!!!

Fran-I know that feeling when you're traveling and don't have a choice on exercise or eating. I hope the weather warms up and you can get some walks in.

Sue C

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Well, it's Wednesday and I worked out at Curves this morning. :smile:

In my enthusiasm to quickly get onto one of the machines, I whacked my knee hard and made it bleed and now I have a bruise. It hurts. Ouch! Exercise can be painful, literally.



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Busy, when I first started I could only go for 20 minutes. I can now go for 1 1/2 hours. It's amazing how your body builds up strength and I found it became easier every day. I was actually amazed at how I was able to increase my time.

I've been doing pretty well - I'm excercising daily. However, I think I'm stressed about next week. We're driving to a warmer climate during difficult children's Spring vacation. (I'll try to post about this in more detail in General). I notice that I'm snacking more than usual - EMOTIONAL EATING!!! I need to STOP!!!

I don't want to come home with added pounds!!! As is, it is hard to get in enough exercise and healthy eating when I'm away from home. Hopefully, posting about the emotional eating I'm doing will be enough to get me to stop. I'm totally aware of it. Why do I do it???

The good news is that I haven't gained any weight (yet). :smile: WFEN
As I'm leaving soon for our road trip, I'm trying to plan ways to eat healthy while making pit stops on the highway. Our car is too full with five people, my favorite sanity saver, electronic toys to keep difficult children busy, and luggage for me to even squeeze in a small cooler. So, I'm going to bring a kashi granola bar and an apple for breakfast. Lunch and dinner will be tricky. There aren't many healthy choices while on the road! I'll try to be creative. Please wish me luck!!!

I'm going to do an hour on the elliptical this morning. I've packed my running shoes and things to work out in. I'm going to be realistic. If I exercise three of the days we're away, I'll be happy. Hopefully, it'll be warm enough to swim. If so, I'll do some laps in the pool. Also, we'll be taking long walks with my favorite sanity saver every day. I hope I return the same size I am now...

I hope everyone is doing well today with exercising and healthy eating. WFEN :smile:


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Have a great time WFEN. I know what you mean about traveling. It's hard to maintain, but the walks will help. I'm going to Florida with my easy child in May and I'm worried about the same thing.