Executive functions

Very interesting article. Now I know for a FACT that my difficult child has these deficits - - it was just never diagnosis in the past and should have been (just like I think she is on the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) spectrum).

Thank you for posting this information Allen.


There's lots of good info in this article. Thanks.

One excerpt:

Since learning is relatively easy for most of us, sometimes we forget just how complex seemingly simple tasks really are, for example memorizing multiplication tables or working a math problem. For example, when a student works on a math problem, he must fluidly move back and forth between analytical skills and several levels of memory (working, short-term, and long-term memory). With word problems, he must hold several numbers and questions in mind while he decides how to work a problem. Next he must delve into long-term memory to find the correct math rule to use for the problem. Then he must hold important facts in mind while he applies the rules and shifts information back and forth between working and short-term memory to work the problem and determine the answer.


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Metacognition - thinking about thinking , checking on your thinking , is related to executive functions

Ross Greene says that if a kid develops good problem solving skills, can think of several solutions to one problem , they are less likely to become frustrated