Executive functions

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    The Chandler papers have been updated with a section on Executive functions and reference
    it is interesting that Barkeley is quoted. Barkley sees Executive function deficits as a performance deficit while Chandler sees them as a skills deficit with medications not really helping

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    Thanks Allan, I will go to the site then update our info.
    I appreciate the head's up.
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    Very interesting article. Now I know for a FACT that my difficult child has these deficits - - it was just never diagnosis in the past and should have been (just like I think she is on the Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) spectrum).

    Thank you for posting this information Allen.
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    There's lots of good info in this article. Thanks.

    One excerpt:

  5. Allan-Matlem

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    Metacognition - thinking about thinking , checking on your thinking , is related to executive functions

    Ross Greene says that if a kid develops good problem solving skills, can think of several solutions to one problem , they are less likely to become frustrated