Explosion rocks Middletown, CT power plant

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by ctmom05, Feb 8, 2010.

  1. ctmom05

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    There was a horrific explosion Sunday morning at a power plant under construction in Middletown, CT - which is about 25 miles from the capitol city of Hartford. Five souls have lost their lives and a dozen or more have been injured.

    Take a moment to read: http://www.courant.com/community/mi...en-power-plant-explosion-0208,0,6780117.story and then please take another moment to pray for the folks whose lives have been changed forever.
  2. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    I read about that last night.
    How awful to hear of all the death and injury.
  3. busywend

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    How horrible. I did see this on the news last night.
    Sending prayers for the survivors and families of lost loved ones.
  4. jbrain

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    I was shocked to hear of this. We are driving easy child/difficult child 2 to Middletown today. She is going to be living there for 3 or more months, doing an internship.
  5. hearts and roses

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    Isn't it shocking? Everyone was talking about it last night. The company I work for will heading the insurance investigation so that means we'll hear and see all the nitty gritty stuff, which I don't want to even know.

    Prayers going up for those hurt or killed by this tragedy~
  6. jal

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    We live 20 miles south of the plant. We heard a huge boom and then our house shook big time. husband and I were in the living room having coffee watching tv and looked at each other and were like what was that? difficult child came running down the hall asking if we felt it. I figured it to be an earthquake because if it was anything local the fire whistles would have gone off.

    We were shocked to find out about the plant. What a horrible accident. Thoughts and prayers going out to all affected.