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We would appreciate any info regarding the drug extacy. Our difficult child has been overheaqrd that he was going to "do " it the other night, and the morning after we noticed him being generally more depressed and much quicker to defiance than normal. My knowledge of theis drug is limited to what I've heard from the TV and such. I dont know what the symptoms are, or the after effects, just that it can lead to cronic depression, please write back!

I find the best thing to do when my difficult child bring home some new drug term is to run a search for the term. I've also got a couple of drug slang dictionaries from the archives of this board.

Here's the basics on ecstasy in the methamphetamine form. In researching the Coricidin pills my son was taking I read it referred to as "Poor man's ecstasy". I also came up with some herbal ecstasy concoctions from health food store herbs in the search I just did to reply to you.

Try this site. Look at all the links on the right. Also be aware that there could be a slightly different form being sold in your area. Bottom line is this is serious drug abuse. Seriously addictive stuff. Seriously impairs judgement and function. Needs to be treated seriously!

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this is a dangerous drug. ant took it also. it makes the kids stay up all night, and be waay to active. some kids die of thirst while on it from getting dehydrated, they also can have heart attacks while on it cause they dont know when they are exhausted.

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Ecstacy is a really bad drug, can cause permanent brain damage, death from hyperthermia (your body can't regulate temperature well...hence they drink a lot of water when on it, and suck things like pacifiers to keep their jaws from clenching.

Do a google search for the drug, or check out www.medscape.com. More info then you want to know :frown:

Very popular club drug and rave drug. Very hard to prove to a kid doing it that it is bad since it is supposed to bring out their feelings onto their sleeve.

There may be a few sites online for kids who have died on it, perhaps that's the best way to show the effects.


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What everyone else has said is true. Angela used Ecstasy for years and years and maybe still does somewhat. This is a bad drug to be on, not that any drug is good. But kids die from this because they do not drink enough water. They use it a lot at raves (parties).

Angela gets very defensive and says it's the kids own fault if they die because they SHOULD HAVE KNOWN to drink water--that they should take the drug RESPONSIBLY. Yeah, right! (That's why I'm suspicious that she still uses because she hasn't changed her mind frame about it.)

I know for Angela she couldn't sleep. She'd go right from an all-night rave which lasted into an after-morning party and go directly to work, standing on her feet for 8 hours as a cashier. And she wouldn't crash.

I'm sure all Angela lived for was using Ecstasy. I used to go onto a message board that was for kids/adults who used Ecstasy. I signed on as "mom" and told them about Angela. They were nice and helpful to me. But I could see that most of them lived to get high, also. They call it a "roll" so if you hear your difficult child say he's going to roll, you know he's talking about Ecstasy! They couldn't wait 'til the next pill they'd pop. And they'd increase the number of pills they'd take. And some talked about depression or thoughts of killing themselves. They take it to escape to a place that they think is a perfect world. Their "motto" is PLUR. Peace, love, unity, respect. They feel a great community with each other--like a big family.

I do hope your child stays away from it!



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My son's roommate at his Residential Treatment Center (RTC) was hooked on ecstasy - it is a very powerful drug. Prior to my son's Residential Treatment Center (RTC) stay, he was in a psychiatric hospital for observation. There was a boy there - who did a little too much ecstasy one night - and he is brain damaged forever. It brought tears to my eyes looking at this tremendously handsome teen, whose life will never be the same.

It is one of those drugs where if a kid takes just a tad too much, he can get brain damage - just a tad more than that - and he/she dies. It is dangerous - not that all drugs aren't - but this one seems to have staggering fatal statistics.


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this drug literally eats their brains....they have MRI's from extacy users that show the wholes eaten through the brain tissue. it causes permanent depression in many...no overdose required. this is a horrendous drug.

:frown: kris


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My easy child/difficult child is in a small Residential Treatment Center (RTC) with under sixteen boys and the same for girls. He tells me that "most of the girls are Ecstacy
addicts" and "most of the people who use that
drug are REALLY into sex". Two of the girls
shared their histories at family group before
they graduated. Both made specific reference
to the multiple sexual partners they had as
users and they were "nice girls". Sad!! DDD


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DDD's reply reminded me that a friend of Angela's once emailed me (this was years ago) that Angela was sleeping with one or two guys just so they'd give her Ecstasy for free!!! How sad. :frown: