Facebook friend requests...weird!


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today I have deleted 6 friend requests from men I don't know. I took a look at their fb page to make sure we didn't have a mutual friend. We didn't. You could tell that all the pages had been set up within the last week. All attractive men in the 50 to 65 range.

I usually just get maybe one new friend request a month! Not 6 in one day. I almost friended one just to see what would happen! I haven't been to any dating sites... Or anything like that.

Anyone else experienced this? Ksm


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I've had a few recently from people I do not know (men and women) and they don't know anyone I know. My husband had it happen to him once recently and he actually asked ME if I knew the person.

Not sure what is going on!!


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I have had a few requests in the last month. It is strange. I have deleted the requests. I hope that by deleting the requests it does not cause other issues.


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I dont fb much anymore but I have my privacy settings very strict. Only friends of friends can friend me.

I noticed on my Skype account, where I Skype my grandchildren, about eight men sent me a request to be able to Skype with me. So I just ignore the requests. Last thing I need...lol.


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I usually get up to 10 friend requests a month from handsome men around their 50s or 60s, who have also a picture of a kid on their profile and who are wearing American military uniform in their profile picture. Would I accept them, they would tell me that they are widowers and single parents. Many would be military surgeons. Their wife's death was devastating tragedy and now they are deployed somewhere in middle east. Later I would be asked to help with money transfers (because apparently US Military pays in cash and that is very inconvenient considering they are deployed in Kabul.)

Apparently quite a few ladies have had a chance to depart from their own money during all this rather jamesbondish cash retrieving manoeuvres.

Maybe they have branched out to US ladies nowadays too?


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US ladies nowadays too?
SuZir. I have been wondering how you and your family are, and how Ache is doing. Last I remember he was home. Is he still home?

Is he still with his girlfriend, with the team? How are you and your studies? How are Joy, your husband and father?

I missed you posting and am hoping you are well and all is well. Take care.


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Hi, Copa and KTMom! Not wanting to hijack this thread I started a new one for catching up our latest. But nice to see you too!


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Just out of curiousity: are those of you who are getting weird friend requests using personal pictures for your profile?

I used a personal picture for about 3 hours when I first started on facebook...needless to say, I switched to one of the critters very quickly. (And I'm not much to look at.) I stopped getting propositions very quickly.


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Hubby had a picture of our gray kitty as his profile picture, and apparently that was very attractive to women!


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Huh!? When I was using Squeaky's picture for my profile, I got a few comments about her missing eye, ranging from evil people, including one who said i should "kill her with fire", to one from a man with one eye who wanted to meet a woman who liked "one eyed furry creatures", but that was as weird as it got.

Haven't gotten anything other than a few compliments on Thomas.


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No, these were random "men" who listed different states, we had no mutual friends, and it looked like they had just set up new fb accounts within the same week. I know they weren't attracted to me...but maybe my age would make them think I would be an easy target girl a "catfish" scam...



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I get them now and then and I ignore them.
I just had major hacking situation.
Someone got a hold of some of our data and has already did some "stuff" on line.
I had to take precautions ...
I suspect one of my doctor's offices as I've heard of personnel gathering info. from there and selling it, particularly in my area of the country.
No matter...I am being extra cautious. I do not have my face in my profile picture on FB, nor my last name. If asked my social security number at a doctor's office, I will either not give it or at the very most, the last four digits only.
Bottom line...absolutely positively do not friend a stranger and be extra alert since several came in at the same time and this does seem very strange. Delete! Consider taking some of your personal info. off FB...maybe your birthdate, etc.
Unscrupulous sites have been taking profile pictures and matching them up with info and creating identifications...not exactly sure how they might use them, but it certainly can't be for any good.


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Later I would be asked to help with money transfers (because apparently US Military pays in cash and that is very inconvenient considering they are deployed in Kabul.)

Well the military has changed a TON since I was in. We got checks and I'm quite certain that direct deposit is the preferred method of payment these days. It floors me that people still fall for this kind of crap.

I get a few random friend requests but usually they are from mutual friends. I still usually don't accept them. If I don't know you personally (including from other online sources, have several friends from World of Warcraft as FB friends) I aint friending you! And you all can see my avatar on FB by looking at the one I use here.