Famous Author ADD--very positive


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I saw David Robbins today... he gave the keynote address at a local university writers' conference. I also went to a writing workshop this a.m. that he facilitated. He told the group that he was ADD... which was pretty obvious from his demeanor... never sat down, hopped around, changed topics... but frankly, he was quite entertaining, and if you've got to be an extrovert and entertain people, he is proof positive that there are advantages to ADD!
He also mentioned several times that he was in meetings/dinners/discussions where he started to cry... I'm not sure if he was trying to connect with-the women in the audience or if he is bipolar, because it is really rare for a man in our society to admit to that. Since he is a writer, and has a lot of depth (despite the fact he writes thrillers, they are about human relationships and a lot of father-son, male-female lover connections) I'm thinking of all the famous people who have been ADHD and/or bipolar, and how it probably helped them in their work. How ironic.
Robbins said he works out every day for several hrs (and it shows... he's a big, solid guy!) and I'm thinking that's how he deals with-his ADD. What a neat idea and a great way to channel it. He started out as a lawyer and it's clear that training put him in good stead as far as research and discipline in the field of writing.
All I could think about was what sort of h*ll his mother must have gone through, and how wonderfully he has channelled his energy.
He thought he was teaching us about the craft of writing... little did he know he made connections in other ways. :smile:


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Terry, I really do think hard physical exercise helps ADD/ADHD. Sounds like you got a lot out of the seminar.
If a kid learns to function and channel their uniqueness,it can be to their advantage.


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I kept a jogging trampoline in difficult child 1's room, I would send him to jump on it if he was getting too wild. It was great, it could be used even in wet weather.

I've come across a number of writers who have ADD or similar. Also, male writers tend to be freer with expressing their feelings than many other males. But outside writing groups, they tend to hide it more!



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But outside writing groups, they tend to hide it more!

That's interesting. I could be situational.