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I am new to this site and I am feeling very frustrated with my step-sons diagnosis of ADHD, ODD, and CD and he is only 7. I am a liitle confused about some of the abbreviations that are used on this site but will probably learn them soon since I will be frequenting this site. I am concerned about the future and there seems to be no local support at all.


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Welcome to the site. With a diagnosis always be prepared to have it challenged. You do this to first make sure it is right, and second to check in case there is something else that needs more attention than you realised.

If you've been lurking you will know t hat we often recommend "The Explosive Child" by Ross Greene. There is some good discussion on this book in our Early Childhood forum, to give you a head start. it may help you cope (especially as a stepmother) with behaviour issues.

How much in tune on this are you with his dad? With bio-mum? If anyone is in denial it slows things down. here's hoping you've got family in tune, although this isn't common.

I can't help with any info on local support - you're a bit out of my area! But if all else fails, support can begin with you. It takes one phone call to start a support group. From there, if the need is there, it can snowball. Delegation then gets it out of your hands if that's what you want. And once you have a group of like-minded people together, action begins.

When you get a chance to find your way around, do a sig that gives us a bit of history each time you post, so we're always in touch with your difficult child (he who brought you here - your Gift From God). And if you can persuade difficult child's dad to read posts here as well, it will be a huge help for you both.

Once again, welcome.



Welcome! I'm glad you found us. If you go to the FAQ section at the top, you will find a list of abbreviations we use on this site.

Sorry for all the questions, but your answers will help us help you. What kind of doctor diagnosed your SS? Is he on any medications, and if so, what? What behaviors are you noticing that are troubling? How does he do at school, both academically and with peers? Any developmental or speech delays? Any sensory issues (sensitivity to noises, tastes or textures, for example)? Any substance abuse or psychiatric disorders in the family tree?

CD is generally a diagnosis reserved for the over-18 crowd and ODD is a set of behaviors that is typically fueled by an underlying disorder (for example, autism, anxiety, depression, etc) so I'm a little suspicious you haven't hit on the right diagnoses. When the underlying disorder is identified and treated, the ODD/CD behaviors tend to subside. If your SS has been given stimulant medications for ADHD and is getting worse, I'd be concerned that you're looking at more than ADHD.

Again, welcome. If you answer the questions above, I hope we can point you in the right direction for help.



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CHADD is an organization for ADD support, and usually there is some regional groups in the area near where you live. NAMI also ususally has support in each state. Sometimes you can get referals from people who work in large teaching hosptials for your area.

Sometimes it takes time and evaluations from many different people to hit on an accurate diagnoses, and medications or interventions that work.



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My pediatrician had suspected ADD but the mental health system is lacking in my area so it took awhile to find help. A Psychiatrist made the diagnosis after a lot of research into his past and current situations. Some of the behaviors are shop lifting, violence, lying, inappropriate sexual behavior with siblings, roaming the house at night (wide awake) and many more. He is unable to keep friends and steals from them. Academically he is fine as long as the teacher lets him do it his way but has to be supervised in the restroom after 2 different incidents at school. His biomom was adopted but no disorders that we know about.


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Hi and welcome. Frankly, I'd get another opinion. CD is normally the result of longstanding untreated psychiatric problems and isn't normally diagnosed until 18. It's a very bad diagnosis without a good prognosis and my guess is another psychiatrist might see other things. On top of that, if he has any mood disorders or perhaps some Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)'s ADHD medication can make him worse. I'm going to send you a few links. I hope you decide to take him to maybe see a neuropsychologist. If he's not better with the treatment he's getting from this doctor, I'd decide to travel a little, but I'd get different help. I'm in a small town myself and had to go a few hours away to get a good diagnosis. for my son. Also, do you know if he has been sexually abused in another place? If not, mania in children often causes inappropriate sexual acting out, and that can get dangerous. CPS can get involved. The kid may need a mood stabilizer. If he has a mood disorder of any kind Adderall is NOT a good choice, even with Seroquel in place. When kids or there parents are adopted, it's kind of hard to get a solid diagnosis. In this case, you don't know much about bio. mom's genetic background and didn't mention bio. father at all, and all that goes into what makes up the kid. Most disorders are inherited, so that missing history makes it hard. My own son was adopted out of foster care and it took them forever to figure out what was wrong with him exactly because there was no birthfamily history. We eventually found out he had Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)-not otherwise specified. He was 11 years old!!! He's finally doing great. Hugs to you.



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It sounds like more than ADD to me. If he is bipolar then he might need a mood stabilizer along with the antipsychotic. Sometimes it takes more than one evaluation to get the correct diagnoses and medications.


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Welcome to the site! It is a great place for information. There are many different experiences here.

I have read since I got here that CD is reserved for the over 18 kids. However, you really just need to treat the symptoms. It is common that mood swings need to be treated before ADD symptoms. Have you seen any positives on the Adderall?


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I am married to his father and there is no known problems on his side and we have tried to see about sexual abuse and there is no known abuse. CPS is currently involved due to his actions and they really seem to have no resources other than what I have accessed. THis is the second psychiatrist that has seen him and diagnosed. I have been to the neuro clinic along with childrens hospital and all are in agreement with what the current diagnosis is. My step-son first showed signs that there were problems when he was 3 and we have been in and out of doctors ans counselors ever since.