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I mailed a letter (certified, return receipt requested) to the director of special education for east bank public schools. The letter was mailed on March 30 and was signed for on April 2. In the letter I asked that the wheels be set in motion and a plan for an full IEP evaluation drawn up within 10 days. School let out for spring break on April 4 and didn't resume until April 11. Excluding those days and the weekends my calculations say they have until this coming Monday, the 30th, to respond to my request.

In the meantime R's psychiatrist has added the diagnosis of Asperger's.

R's weekly folder came home today and other than the comment on one particular assignment there was not one positive thing said on any paper. His conduct grades have slipped further and, maybe I'm just being overly sensitive here, but it seems like they're even grading him a bit harder now that I've put the wheels in motion so to speak.

Another thing that's really bugging me is that his reading teacher, who I absolutely DESPISE, is now sending home his incomplete work for completion at home at the cost of one letter grade. I spoke with both the teacher and the social worker who suggested this regarding this and the social worker's take was "that's the price you and your family have to pay for having a special needs child." Also in his folder was incomplete work from the beginning of March. I had asked her in a meeting with the principal to please check behind R to make sure he was putting things in correct folders and she assured me she would. Its now mid-April and she's just now checking?

I'm just not sure what to do now. I'm so aggravated and overwhelmed. I'd almost consider pulling him out of school but he's actually doing BETTER here than he has at any other school.

I'm going to be calling the area sped coordinator tomorrow to check on the status of our request and also let her know that there's been a change to R's diagnosis. Should I mention to her that I feel we're having MORE problems since I sent the letter? Should I direct that to the principal? The school social worker who obviously doesn't give a flit?

Any words of advice would be greatly appreciated. I'm just so frustrated right now. I hate seeing my child punished for something that seems so out of his control.


The social worker's comment is unprofessionals and way out of line in my opinion. We don't "pay a price" for having special needs children--they are the responsibility of th public education system, just like any other child.

First, try to direct your frustration toward self-education: Read the archives of this board; go to http://www.wrightslaw.com develop long and short term goals for your child; write a parent report if you haven't done so yet.

When the time is up, send a copy of the original letter with a covering letter, to the Director of Sp Ed. Indicate that you want the evaluation to begin and that they have 60 days from April second to complete (vacation days do count) The law now says "calendar days."

If you don't get a response, then you can start going higher but give the Director of Sp Ed a chance (briefly) to do the right thing.