?? Fetus development/substance abuse


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A young woman who smokes pot and ?? to self medicate for bipolar
has just shared with easy child/difficult child that she is pregnant. She is a hard
working, undereducated girl who is street knowledgeable but lacks
sophistication. If anyone knows of a site that demonstrates how
the fetus develops at different weeks AND how pot ++ has been
proven to impact development...I want to try to give a printout
to easy child/difficult child to in turn give to his friend. She does intend to keep
the baby. DDD

PS: I don't want a site that will trigger pro life responses. I
don't want any site responses. LOL!


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Thanks, Melissa. I'm hoping to have like a chart that shows
x week = limbs develop
y week = sight

I took Child Development at the local college about eight years
ago (when I thought I might finally work on finishing my degree)
and even after all my years of parenting I was fascinated by how
science can identify each stage. Maybe that type of info in combination with the effects of drugs will impact this future

by the way, I was impressed that easy child/difficult child told me that he suggested she
give the baby up for adoption so "it would have the best chance"
for a good life. DDD


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I'm dating myself, but you could pick up a copy of "What to Expect When You're Expecting", but as I remember it won't give the drug impact information.


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Most Prolife Pregnancy Centers carry handouts with that kind of information. You can usually walk in and ask for written information regarding fetal development and pregnancy & drug exposure for a friend or family member.....I can get you some if you if you don't find what your looking for.

Good Luck !!