fibromyalgia anyone?


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Anyone have any experience or knowledge of fibromyalgia?

Any recommended books/diets/therapies?

Many thanks



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Anyone have any experience or knowledge of fibromyalgia?

A moderate carb, gluten-free, anti-inflammation diet, minimizing or eliminating processed foods. Fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. (For some people, Alcohol and caffeine should be reduced. Aspartame is considered harmful, as are msg and sodium nitrates. Olive oil as main fat. No margarine-type fats. Salt contributes to water retention which can exacerbate joint pain. Consider the possibility of lactose intolerance.

The recommendation is to eliminate the above one at a time to see if there is a positive result. Consider weight loss, to minimize joint paint.

It is believed that fibromyalgia may be related to decreased serotonin levels.

These activities are considered to boost seratonin levels:

Touch, generally. Gentle massage. Particularly a technique called Bowen.




Warm baths.

Laughter and remembering happy events.

You might want to look at somatic therapies, such as dance therapy and art therapy, as well as other somatic therapies, specifically those addressing trauma.

There are a variety of them, many of which do not require therapists. Drawing from the right side of the brain, by Betty Edwards, focuses on drawing as a brain-integrative activity. The book Walking Your Blues Away has a good review of why brain integrative activities help with trauma and traumatic injury, and depression. It is believed that bilateral movement increases serotonin and reduces stress and can even reverse debilitating effects of trauma.

I just bought a couple of books by Julia Cameron which have not yet arrived. She recommends a specific type of journaling, and uses artwork to get at core personal meaning and blocks to same. The two books I got were Vein of Gold and The Artist's Way (Cedar has recommended The Artist's Way at Work, which is a later book and I believe she does the morning pages, the journaling technique espoused by Cameron.

I think when we have a great deal of stress in our lives, and chronic illness is definitely stressful, getting in touch with who we are in our essence helps us connect with our strengths and why we matter. I am thinking about that song, "Getting to Know You" from The King and I, the movie, with Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr. I want to get to know me better. Maybe I will treat myself better.

An increase of serotonin is thought to be particularly helpful in helping with the brain fog that often accompanies fibromyalgia.

Some people find helpful a symptom journal.

You might google fibromyalgia plus any one of these approaches that might interest you. Or I will look some more, if you let me know the direction that interests you.

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Hi Copa

I was in a bad car crash Saturday evening and have only just seen your posts on this thread. Thanks for replying. I am laid up with bad bruising and shock (thankfully nothing more) but will reply properly as soon as I feel a bit better. My son has recently been diagnosed with this condition. I would be interested in more discussion about this. It changes the scenery around his lifestyle. Thanks.


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I was in a bad car crash Saturday evening
I am so sorry, Nlj. Please take care of yourself and be well.
I am here whenever you want to talk about Fibromyalgia. I know there are other people on the board interested too, in healthier living and activities that promote it.

This diagnosis can be life-changing in a good way! I met many people who found it so, because they made it so, by changing the way they lived their lives in good and meaningful ways. But, nonetheless, who wants to feel sick, even if it can trigger feeling better than ever before, because one is living better.

Like many diagnoses of illness, this one draws a line in the sand, or can, between past and future, by focus on the present.

Take care. I am so glad you are OK enough to even look at CD. Be well.