Fighting & huffing rubbing alcohol with- trash bag

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by nat73, Oct 20, 2009.

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    It's been a while since I've been in here.

    My oldest son is now 16 yrs. old. The only thing he's improved with- since I last was last here has been his school grades. THIS school yr. he is actually doing good in school! Report cards come out tomorrow but his progress report was good! A's & B's and 1 C in an elective class so that is great BUT he still has other "issues".

    It seems the last week has really been bad. First over the weekend I found out that he is fighting other boys to see who is the strongest. Now let me tell you my son is no muscle boy, in fact he is kind of whimpy acting (of course I would never verbalize that to him). So why he is doing this? It's puzzling....One of my friend's has 17 yr. & 15 yr. old sons and her sons and my son are friends. Well the 17 yr. old friend picked my son up and they went to the school football field this weekend and he videoed my son & another boy trying to bet the poop out of each other while the other boys cheered it on......and they put it on youtube. NOW this morning I get the kids up fom school and after I got home from dropping them off I was in my oldest son's room and I found under his bed mattress 3 unopened alchol wipe packets and a folded up trash bag!!!!!!! So either he was "going to try this" or maybe he's been doing this for a while? What in the world do I do now???? Obviously talk to him I know .......I guess I'm just venting! Thanks for listening!!! Will he EVER change? He is a follower and apparently wil try anything!
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    Hi there. Sorry for the grief.

    Without knowing any history on your son, it's hard to know what to say. Most of us have never heard of "Impulse Control Disorder" and most are probably wondering if he's ever been evaluated and why he isn't on medication, especially since he tried to commit suicide. Also, has he ever gotten intensive counseling with somebody who understands sexual abuse? I'm familiar with that arena.

    As for the fighting and YouTube, that would just make me roll my eyes. Sounds like something they wanted to do for YouTube and be funny...or show off. The huffing...that would scare me a lot. Does he abuse substances normally or are you not sure?

    Does it get better? Depends on what's going on, his history, his treatment, the support system, and the child himself. Was he always difficult? The abuse is going to affect him until he has had enough therapy to move on, but it sounds like there is more than that going on. Do you have any mood disorders on either side of his family tree? That includes any bio. relatives, even if he doesn't see them. They still influence him since he has their DNA.
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    Are you sure he is huffing? There are a LOT of other uses for the alcohol wipes.

    A few of my son's friends kept them to use to clean their pocket knife/fingernails/sharp anything before and after they cut. Cut themselves I mean. does he show signs of being a cutter? Long sleeves/pants in the summer, wristbands those kinds of things are hints.

    I personally keep a bunch of the wipes around to clean my glasses. I doubt he is doing this.

    Whatever is going on I hope you can find the problem and the resources to fix it.
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    The glasses thing is a good point. I had wipes in the house because I used to have administer daily injections to husband either under the skin or through a port.

    The active cleaner in eyeglass cleaners is good old rubbing alcohol. A box of wipes is a LOT cheaper than one tiny bottle of eyeglass cleaner. I have individual packages of the wipes all over the place. In the car, in my bag, etc.

    In addition to the cutting thing, alcohol is also used to clean out glass 'drug' pipes, either the pretty 'venetian glass' marijuana pipes currently popular, or the plain glass meth/crack/oil pipes.

    It cuts the residue, especially from weed where the good stuff is very oily. In all cases it helps get rid of staining and characteristic odors.