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    Lawyer called me back today. He thinks I have an EXCELLENT chance at winning the entire 12 weeks on the second appeal. He's agreed to take my case.

    I'm pretty tickled. I still haven't gotten any money so I asked Unemployement and I was told "OH you don't get those 4 weeks you were awarded - those go back into your slush fund for your claim." WHAT?????
    Um I think someone is wrong. I think Unemployment owes me for the 4 weeks I was awarded. The woman said NOPE - but if you win your second appeal you get THOSE weeks. I sat there like a deer in the headlights.

    I don't think so....Going back tomorrow for some CLARIFICATION. NO ONE could explain it to me - I thought it would be a direct deposit of 4 weeks times my weekly rate direct deposited to my bank. This woman today said NOPE - You can get 2 weeks but not for another 2 weeks bcause there is a holding week of one week....and then you'll start getting your regular unemployment benefits the week you were scheduled to whcih was may 12. I think she's wrong. UGH.
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    That makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever.

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    This woman is a lunatic. This makes no sense. When you go in, ask them to write out whatever the explanation is and get a name. Make sure you get a last name or an employee number (don't know if they give out their last names, but they MUST give you some way to know which Kristi or Cindy Lou it is). Make SURE you get their name on the explanation, and tell them that you ahve a hard time writing so could they write it for you. If they won't write it, get them to at least sign that this IS what they are telling you because it doesn't make sense to you and you want to be SURE that you have not written it down incorrectly. If they won't, ask for a supervisor until someone WILL give you written confirmation that this IS what they are telling you.

    Then give it to your lawyer. With the person's name and their handwriting or signature that it is correct, it might give another claim or strength to your existing claim.

    Who knows, maybe one of the people at unemployment has set up an account to siphon people's $$ into for herself and it is another way that people hwo cannot fight this kind of thing are getting robbed blind. Stranger things have happened.

    Star, PLEASE get a piece of paper from someone at BW that you went in and worked X hours to train new employee Mr. A on the date you worked from this time to that time. WHY???? Because regardless of whom you promised, BW is supposed to PAY you for that. This is BW's job. Yes, you were helping someone who asked you to and that you promised to train. BUT the mgr had to know or you could NOT have used their truck and their facilities/property. This is just another way that BW took advantage of you and your wonderful, generous nature. BW should have people who are great at doing that and could train the man. What do you think would have happened if you got hurt at BW while you were training this man? You were GIVING them your knowledge and skill, and they were accepting it, but if you got hurt they would NOT have taken care of your bills. I am sure that if something was damaged while you were training the guy they would sue you for damages in spite of the fact that they were taking advantage of you after they tried to scr&w you out of your duly earned unemployment.

    Trust me, as cheap and abusive as they have been to you and many others, the yWOULD have sued you. Possibly even tried to say you were stealing the truck and charge you with grand theft for it. So make SURE that your atty knows the names of everyone who knew that you were there doing the job that BW should have paid you to do.

    You should have been paid as a consultant and consultants get paid a LOT more to train someone than an employee does. Even if you decide wrongly to not let atty ask them to pay you (which BW owes you for), be sure atty knows about this so BW cannot twist it and try to use it against you somehow. If you can, get the mgr you know and like to scribble down that you had permission to train the guy. On a scrap of paper or any piece of paper that is handy. Just tell her you want it in case someone ever tries to tell you that no one knew you were there doing it - you do NOT need to tell her about your atty. Do NOT mess yourself up by telling her that you ahve an atty. I know she is nice to you, but no one at BW should know about this until the atty tells them about it.
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    I 2nd the motion for them to write it down and sign it. Shoot, that alone may make them change their tune.

    Sounds weird to me. If court gave it to you they gave it to you. It's not your fault you weren't collecting it's THEIRS, ok BW, but still.

    Besides, it might make more sense in written form than verbally.
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    Yeah, clear as mud. Getting it in writing is a great idea.
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    Well, since you have a lawyer.....ask him to find out about it. He should know and force their hand if she's wrong.
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    I love that you have my back better than a sister - BUT this is one of those "things" that Star is doing for someone in spite of BW's indubious Snively Whiplash ways. I absolutely know without a doubt had I gotten "near" the truck or "in" the truck tand something happened I would have been held responsible. So before I started teaching the manager and myself decided that I would stand and point. NOT at any time - get in the truck or drive the truck, or drive the truck. I C.M.A. constantly that day. This is why the truck was put behind the store. I hated that it had to be done that way - BUT...MY PROMISE wasnt' to BW - it was to this man who has a family - a new born, a wife and his son, daughter and brother who survived tornado in TX - and is trying to support them all. His heart is good and he's a brother. My promise is fulfilled to him. I would have met him in a parking lot of a Krispy Kreme and pretripped that truck with him. Any truck to help him pass the CDL test. I am considering putting an ad out for consultant fees - but my problem is I don't have a truck to train people on. I was thinking like $25/hr. cash up front. BUT when I think about asking for the money? I get a pit in the bottom of my stomach. I just want to help. (Apparently I stink at marketing) I excel at customer service. lol.

    I'm going back today to unemployment and ask about the money again. I did get the womans name this morning - (thanks for that) so I'm going to be asking again.

    I'm off to have a psychiatric evaluation for the call taker job......OMG did I just say "I'm off" and "psychiatric evaluation" in the same sentence? Good......Good ......snort.
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    Good luck on your evaluation, I am sure they will find you very qualified....just don't tell them the kind of company you keep here (totally kidding of course...but we are all a little off here for good reason at times!)

    I can't imagine anything more convoluted than that whole unemployment thing. Very strange. Hey, I dont know your qualifications in this area but my cousin's hubby got a job in a trucking school as a teacher and he LOVES it. Pay is really nice too. If this call center thing doesn't pan out, then????
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    Star* call 911

    Buddy - I hadn't thought of that. I'll call them tomorrow - I was going to call just to see if they needed someone to pretrip teach - I'd enjoy that a lot. I'm good at it too.

    The unemployment place is RIDICULOUS. (say it like Professor Lupine in the harry potter film) Oh my WORD.....that place is not right.

    The slush fund analogy is wrong - I will get a deposit. They withold one week. Since they withheld 8 weeks and the hearing was on the 18th - THAT was my 8th week (convenient huh?) The advantage is instead of starting to get paid at 12 weeks unemployment - They start paying me at 8 weeks unemployment. 4 weeks earlier than I thought. But it won't be ready until the middle of may. LOL - either way I still don't have any money. The only way I get a total lump sum payment is if I win the next hearing for all the rest of the other 8 weeks they didn't originally award me - If I win that? THEN I'll get a lump sum deposit. Fingers crossed. If I don't get that - then I file in some other court - and yes I'll do that too.

    The psychiatric evaluation was weird. All the questions were about suicide, how much do I drink, how many drugs do I do, does my drugs and drinking make me think about killing myself. DO I like my friends. Do the voices in my head tell me what to do. Are people out to get me(Well WHAT kind of question is that - Are they talking about BW or life or what?) How much do I think about sex. Does not getting sex make me want to kill myself. Am I a natural leader? Do I take drugs to help me cope. Well - yes I take welburtrin. But ther was no box to say welbutrin - so I told him the test was really not geared in a manner that you could answer fairly - I said 13 of the questions I probably answered incorrectly - and tried to PASS on because 1.) There wasn't a time line. I did tell him I've spent a lot of time in therapy due to trauma and we touched on that briefly, very briefly - but I told him the test really didn't seem geared towards anyone who wanted to talk about themselves honestly. A lot of the questions I could have given the answers they may have WANTED to hear to give me the job - but then I wouldn't have answered honestly, and to answer honestly meant I would have lied on the test. It was really a catch 22 - and it made the doctor smirk. I hope it was a good smirk. I told him I just answered honestly - but some of those answers came out very much not in my favor - as the wording meant something very different in connotation unless he asked me for a better meaning. Like had I ever thought of planning my own suicide. Well yes. I took zoloft when trying to find a good AD and it made me think about it. But when I did/ I told my doctor and we switched medications. He made notes - but I said again - see questions like that =I answered honsetly - but it depended on how you worded the answer. Did I ever think about suicide? Well - when are you talking about - in my entire life? Recently? I mean - I was tortured in my marriage with no way out. Did I ever think about it? Yes. That was over 20 years ago. So does THAT count -or are you looking for an answer like - a week, a month - a year - 4 years? More pertinent to the job? He said more pertinent to the job. Well then - scratch that beause - I think I answerd it to be honest in a lifetime - and you meant within the last 5 years. Doesn't count. Understand what I mean by time line? I'm adjusted very well now - 25 years ago? Not many people would have survived what i did - (shrug) Questionaire needs to be modified in my humble opinion. You're asking me to take on a high stress - intense situation that I'm pretty certain you can't throw much at me I can't take on - but if this is the deciding factor and you decide by this I'm not meant for the position - so be it. I'd just like you to know - I answered the questions for a lifetime - not just to get the job and I answered honestly because your interpretation of my answers may have soneones life depending on it someday and my lying wasn't worth the risk.

    We shall see.

    He just smirked. I hope it was a good smirk. But ifit wasn't ----then the job wasn't a good fit.
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    Analytical mind. That's the way I'd look at it too. Some call it reading too much into things and thinking too much. How can you not??? I guess it's suppose to be the K.I.S.S. way (keep it simple stupid), or at least that's the way someone put it to me so I can be tripped up by my own mind sometimes! LOL

    I definitely get where you are coming from however. I think the doctor did too and I definitely get the gut feeling that his smirk was one of the good kind as well. How can it not be? I mean if you answered like that it shows them that you mean business. Yeah I might be biased towards you but really??? The fact is, wouldn't you want to hire someone who thinks like that?

    So, I've listened to police scanner at times. I've heard dispatch (911) speak of some of the calls coming in. So tell me star (and I've heard to laughter of some of these), what would you do with someone who calls in and says "I have 2- 9 foot animals with tails that look like lizards but they are people walking through my yard. I need help!" I've heard some doozies.

    I've also heard horror stories and heart breaking ones too. Some of them make me want to stay in my house, some make me feel like I'm safe in my area. Over all, I think it keeps me grounded and I'd be happy, overjoyed, to have someone like you answering the phones if it were you in my area! ;)

    Good luck, though I think this is YOUR time to shine Starb!!:hi5:
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    Holy smokes, I think you took the same test they gave me when the court ordered husband and bio and the kids to see their psychiatrist. This lady insisted on seeing all players which included me even though I wasn't married to husband yet, because we lived together (and bio gma but she never went in). This woman smirked a lot too. Of course she wasn't interested in a fair evaluation for custody, she said husband and bio were narcissistic and I was a doormat with no self esteem. (Her saying bio was narcissistic was really unusual for her we found out later, she never ever sided with the Dad.)

    BUT - I've noticed psychiatrists who discuss personality tests smirk a lot. I dunno why. It's annoying!
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    I believe the correct answer at this time is to defer to my 911 training manual. I actually was asked in the interview what I would do if I got a call that was NOT in the manual - a real off the wall call? I asked immediatly - Well am I allowed to tap the shoulder of a Sr. call taker? They said nothing. I asked, 'Is this a fly by the seat of my pants question?' No response. So I said "Okay then I guess I would make a judgement based on the training I receieved, common sense, and answer to the best of my ability - however - my first reaction would have been to call my supervisor, no supervisor, then tap a shoulder of someone that had been there a long time - No one like that - then fly by the seat of my pants with my best training and common sense. Snap, snap, snap like that, quickly as I could

    In the case of the 9' tall lizard man? I live in Columbia, SC. We have the lizard man reports ALL.THE.TIME. Now personally I've been in the woods and heard growls and hisses from something gigantic, and alligators do not crawl into trees. I had witnesses with me, and we were in the Congaree Swamp, down by the Congaree river where this thing has been sighted numerous times by several hundreds of people over many years -some drinking, some stone cold sober. Recently there was a woman and a man over on the other side of Sumter National Forest who had their cars front end demolished - and I saw pictures of it. I mean demolished. Forest Rangers and police came out and took pictures and video of it. No foot prints, they did say it may have been a bear, or a wolf. Okay - well there are no reported wolves here in SC. It would have had to have been ONE HECK of a coyote or Pit bull with rabies to do that much damage. Then someone said maybe it was a Sasquatch. I don't know but I beleive in the science of Cryptozoology and undiscovered species. I do not believe so much in a "Lizardman". I DO believe that there could be moonshine makers in the swamps and they have a way of protecting their stills - and to keep a legend alive is a way to keep their product from prying eyes and people in a way 'safe'.

    If someone did call in and tell me they thought they saw a 9' lizard in their backyard? I'd talk to them like I've talked to my X when he was high on speedballing - At time's he's banged morphine, opium, heroin, crack, and whatever else he could melt and shoot (sometimes up to 8 different drugs all at the same time in the same speed ball) - Believe me - the things he's told me he saw? And asked me if I saw? DO YOU SEE THEM DO YOU SEE THEM? AHHHHHH THEY'RE TOUCHING ME GET THEM OFF GET THEM OFF !!!!!!! YOu brush enough invisible bugs, and aliens and dark shadows, and pull people out of imaginary sinking holes, and demons, and satans coming to get me - and cross bred animals - like alligators with snakes and the list just goes on and on- Think The exorcist meets Phantasm - and have a night or two of that! Yeah - lizards walking across the back yard? No problem need to remain calm, sit quietly in your home, give me your address, stay away from the windows, make sure your doors are locked and I'll send an officer. (yup) .......OH and load your camera and sit very still.......Lizards don't have ears - they hear through the vibrations of their tongues so the more still you sit - the less chance you have of being heard in the house.
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    Hey THEY were the ones that said it will be my job keep the callers as calm......and quiet as possible. I believe that just accomplished both?
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    And THAT is why I know you are just the person for the job!..........I'm sitting on pins and needles for ya
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    We'll see. And if not? It wasnt' meant to be.