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    I have off from work this week - I always schedule it because between the holidays is really slow at work, it's Christmas and my birthday and then the new year - why go to work, Know what I mean??

    Following Christmas, my H's family descended upon us...don't want to say like locusts, but well. It was a quick, two day, in and out visit - they blew in, took over, ate everything, my two teen nieces drank all the tea and used every available mug or glass twice a day (I had to run the dishwasher non-stop just to keep up with all the spoon and mug use they drank so much tea, I have to replenish!), and then blew out. So, only two days, but I am sick with that pesky little pneumonia thing and well, I'm supposed to be resting and instead I was on my feet non-stop and working, cooking, cleaning, etc. I had to incorporate help from my H, his brother, and easy child was, as always, extremely helpful (difficult child, of course, was missing most of the time). It was exhausting! And H was clueless. After dinner on my birthday that I slaved over all afternoon & served, the whole family was sitting around the table as I stood near the counter looking like what I thought was clearly exhausted, and not one person offered me a seat - not even H! I was like, "These are the most clueless people ever to have lived". Finally, I asked one of the teens to beat it so I could sit down. I was glared at.

    When they finally left to go on a hike yesterday - H asked me to go and was annoyed when I said no (hello, I have pneumonia, probably shouldn't be hiking up icy trails in December, ugh) - I laid down for a short nap and awoke to all of them in my bedroom looking for niece's glove because they were getting ready to leave...I slept for 2 hours! Shortly after the sister and her family left, H took his brother to the airport. I was finally alone. I whipped through the house like a mule on speed. I cleaned, threw out, organized and put away, vacuumed and mopped, did the bathroom and took a shower, and then put on jammies in record time.

    When H came home he looked at me and asked, "Ready for bed already? It's not even 5:30." "Hmmmm", I said, "I'm tired honey. Yesterday was a very long day for me. Remember I'm not well?" I then fixed H and myself a plate of cheese antipasta and crackers and I had a nice glass of perfect red. Mmmmm, watched a movie and then went to bed. Perfect ending.

    But today is the best - everyone else is working and I am home alone. My house is cleaned and I can just chill. The wind is howling something fierce and I don't care. The dogs and I are holed up inside and it's wonderful. Think I will pop in a movie and crochet a bit - in my jammies.

    Ahhhh, peace.
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    Sounds like a lovely way to spend an alone day, Jo. I have PJ DAY occasionally and they are the best!

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    Jo, I love pj days..... enjoy the rest & relaxation.
  4. Star*

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    YOU.........are the ENVY of my DREAMS.

    (hands inlaw bug spray guaranteed to thwart descending locusts in 2010) - it's called - ATILL GITEM....smells like moth balls.

    Sniff....I've never had a PJ day. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. I haven't had the house to myself in over 15 years. Sigh....YOU ARE A LUCKY GIRL.

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    My gosh. I bow to you in envy. A day alone with no work or family? What is your secret???

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    Awwwwwwww Jo you deserved that! ( the PJ day not the other stuff) I hope you are feeling better after your day of rest. -RM