FINALLY getting testing results!

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    gcvmom Here we go again!

    The neuropsychologist I had evaluate difficult child 1 has finally said we should receive her report next week. She's lost her office space and been relocated to a different part of the hospital so I think that's gotten in the way of things.

    Also, the RSP teacher called to set up a meeting to review the school's report. They want to bring in the speech teacher as well, so I'm thinking there's a possibility she did find some social skills issues? or maybe will just be there to just present her part of the report? But that meeting won't be until the day after school gets out -- June 12th. I also asked if the new highschool counselor should be there since that's wehre difficult child 1 is transitioning in the Fall.

    I will be SO glad to get this finalized and figure out how to tweak his accommodations so that the next four years aren't as big a struggle as the last two were.

    I'm going to push for him to be put in a study skills class, even if it means he loses and elective next year. He really should have been in one for middle school, but that's hindsight for ya!

    I can guarantee they'll tell me he has processing speed issues. And I highly suspect social skills issues. Whether or not this all translates to an IEP remains to be seen. I don't care if we keep his 504 or adopt an IEP. I just what him to be supported better so that he can perform at the level we all know he's capable of doing.
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    Very good move re the study skills class!

    I believe I read a *later* post on another board here where you said the testing results were being held up/have waited an unusual amount of time? If so, have you been able to get a commitment to have them mailed to you? Sooo frustrating, I am sure. :faint:

    Stay with him and keep pushing for him; HS is hard and your support and help will surely benefit him and help with the transition, too.

    Good luck! Keep us posted.