FINALLY got the neuropsychologist report

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Feb 7, 2012.

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    Just got it in the mail this morning and I read every word right away. Diagnoses ARE as I'd kind of suspected: ADHD, Asperger's, Anxiety Disorder and PTSD. No wonder this kid has problems in school. The PTSD is causing huge trust issues which causes anxiety. His Asperger's alone causes a lot anxiety. No wonder the kid can't function without his mommy (at school anyway). It even specifically says in there that his behaviors should NOT be treated as intentional but rather as a disability and that standard disciplinary policies and actions will actually cause further harm.

    I knew I loved this neuropsychologist!!!
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    I wish we'd had a neuropsychologist like that... Ours kind of dismissed Jett as stupid because of the Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). :sigh:

    Just seeing this gives me goosebumps, because it can ONLY help!!!
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    Great news! So glad the diagnosis are in black and white. I hope your people listen to those kinds of recommendations better than mine. I even have in Q's IEP that he is unable to follow school and discipline code as written due to his autism disorder and acquired brain injury. All disciplinary decisions are to include the special education staff. You think they follow that??

    You have a great opportunity school, new staff (mostly) and so I really hope he gets his chance since he likes to be with kids.
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    Our school policy manual says "in consultation with special education staff" under discipline of Special Education students. What SpEd teacher is going to disagree with their boss? What boss with egos like the ones we're dealing with are going to even pretend they are listening to their staff? DUH
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    The more I think about it, no wonder his meltdowns at school were so violent...the kid was TERRIFIED and didn't have anyone he TRUSTED to help. That also explains why his meltdowns at home are worse. Imagine how it must feel when the ONLY person in the world you trust isn't "there" for you....Know what I mean?? is making me change perspectives.....AGAIN.
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    Oh for sure... That is how I felt when I heard Q had a meltdown yesterday. He sounded thru his own words, panicked. They all came down to watch me mom (and to tell the truth I dont know if I buy the art exhibit story...will be interesting if they all have an anecdote from that day).... his thinking... I am in HUGE trouble... holy cow.. so I am gonna get a buddy to be in this with me so I am not so alone... come on J do this and do that..... then they separate and lock the door, eh screams and yells and goes to his office to cool off.... The levels of stress chemicals must go off the chart for them.

    Poor little guy. I hope they can read this with a little kindness and get him a trusted para not any old jerk. Most of them should be new to difficult child so maybe no preconceived ideas will block him either (for now).
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    :choir:I knew I loved this neuropsychologist!!! Absolutely!!! Congrats. It explains so much. Plus, now you can get him the school supports you'll need. Well that's that premise, anyway. As you well know, a piece of paper only explains it to some people, while others refuse to budge, or do as little as possible. Best of luck and congrats.
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    Did he hand you a beautiful baseball bat, or what. BOING! He didn't say "consult", "discuss". He said - you can't do it that way, stupid. Not quite that wording but... wow.

    And the whole anxiety thing? it ties into relationships, and the degree of security of attachment, and all sorts of other things. School... well, no, I have to stop, or I'd write a book on your thread. Lets just say... it took us 10 years ... and yes, getting to the bottom of it enabled us to re-connect... its HUGE.