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    So, you know that husband and I went to Mazatlan for two weeks and arrived back home on Monday. I was not looking forward to husband being unable to plan or participate in any activities that would interest me. We arrived on Monday the 24th, and the 26th we went for a (free!) tour of the Pacifico brewery. It was really quite fun! We have been vacationing there for at least a decade and never made it there before. If you ever get to Mazatlan, you should see if your concierge can help you set that up.

    We also made appointments for every three days or so to get massages across tIhe street from the hotel. Gustavo charges $30 an hour (!) and gives one of the best massages I have ever had. I think I went two or three times.

    By Saturday night, I quite suddenly had a lower intestinal problem. I'm pretty sure that I got it from eating something at the pool that I didn't share with husband, because it was the only thing I ate that I did not share with him. It went on for a few days, so on Monday husband went to the internet and found what I was supposed to be doing. There are no regs on non-narcotic medications down there, so he went to the pharmacy and picked me up a box of Cipro, some immodium (which we would normally have except that someone who was to carry all of the bags to the car forgot the overnight bag with all of our health and beauty products in it at home because it's "not my bag" even though we have never not taken it with us for the past 15 years...) and some pedialyte.

    By Wednesday, I had lost total control of my bowels. husband was using the public restroom on our floor because he never knew when I was going to come blasting through yelling "Get out of my way!" husband asked Gustavo for a referal to an MD, who (against my very strong objections) put me into a public hospital. Let me be very clear that a hospital in Mexico is not like a hospital in the US. For example, they don't wash their hands; they keep needles in their pockets, they don't use vacuum tubes to draw blood instead they try to tap tap tap it out of the catheter for your IV before attaching the IV, etc...

    When the nurse got snarky with me and told me that I couldn't have anything to keep the bed clean should I have an accident in the night - trust me, I was going to have an accident in the night - and I realized that they were dripping the saline so slowly that after 7 hours it was only 1/3 gone and my blood was flowing up the line instead of the saline flowing into me, I told them I was leaving. I'll spare you the details of the argument that husband and I had about being supportive of my desires not to go to the hospital, or to at least learn where the safer hospital is if I must go. There actually is a much more modern private hospital about half a mile away...

    So, I told the doctor to tell me what his directions were and I would follow them in the hotel. We got more prescriptions, and by the next Saturday, I got out of the room for a bit in the morning, and Sunday I got out for a couple of hours in the afternoon.

    I'm still feeling pretty low, and was back into full gut problems by yesterday. Obviously, I need to see the doctor here about it. I had tried to call him while I was gone, but my cell would only text message, and he can't figure out what medications to use in Mexico, anyway because they aren't the same. The Mexican pharmacist would have known how to translate the US doctor's recommendation, but never mind.

    Other than that ;) it was a nice trip. I just wish I hadn't spent more than half of it too ill to get out of bed. I did read three books that week, though! And, of course, I am still planning to go again next year. And I think that we will be more careful about sharing food. I don't know what we would have done if both of us had been that ill!
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    I guess I never really thought about the hospitals here being so dramatically different - But what a scary experience.

    So things there in Mexico are not also printed in English like they are here?

    How very odd.

    Glad you are home - hope you feel better.
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    Thanks, Star. They do not print anything other than the most basic - if that - stuff in English in Mexico. They are a historically a terribly corrupt country and very little public funding is available to such things.