Finally signed over custody


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I finally went to court & gave my sons dad full legal custody , it was a very hard decision but I had to protect me and my other children. As much as I miss my son , Im not ready to talk to him & I feel bad that I feel this way. At his dads hes not allowed to go anywhere unless supervised , he had to get alarm system & special locks so my son wont try taking off, he found tools hidden under his bed some were his dads & some from my house he must of stole from my husbands tool room last time he was here ,who knows what he was planning to do. Stole his step moms son allergy pills, I dont even know if he knew what it was or what he thought he could do with them , the more I hear the more I want to stay away :( I feel like a bad mom ..


I am sorry you are going through this but please know YOU ARE NOT A BAD MOM! It took a ton of courage to take the steps you have taken, and you are protecting your family from someone who has caused much heart ache, pain and destruction. That to me is an act of love. Sometimes its best when we step out of the circle for a while to regain our own sense of self and peace, and for the other party to recognize that you are standing your ground. I hope you are getting outside therapy and support as this is very tough sledding. I am glad that his dad is stepping in to take over at this time but also hope that dad and son are getting some outside professional support. Hugs. Be kind to yourself.


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You are not a bad mom. You are protecting your other babies who deserve as much love, care, attention, and concern as your oldest.

I am sorry to say that he is headed down a bad road and that it is very unlikely anyone or anything will stop him.

I am glad his dad was willing to step up and take him. Not all co-parents would do so.

Please consider seeking therapy for yourself and your other children. Your other kids may have been exposed to more of his bad ways than you know, and YOU need to start working on forgiving yourself.

This is an impossible situation and you did the right thing.

Stick around!


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I agree with wn and bbu you are not a bad mom. You do need to consider your other kids and yourself. Also you are standing up against what your son did. that is a lesson he needs and your other kids need to know he cant do that. Everytime they witness him getting away with that it is a signal to them that it is ok. Please take the time that you would have spent dealing with him to relax and do some fun things with your other kids all of you need it.


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I agree with all. You are not a bad mom. You are a great mom doing a very difficult thing. Hang in there. Your doing the right thing.