Finding a proper fitting brassiere (help)

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    NOTE: Rated PG 13

    I live in a small town with your average department stores. These types of stores do not accommodate the 'endowed' body types too well.

    The truth is, I have never had a proper fitting for a bra. And as I am aging, the 'girls' need a lot more support these days. My problem (I think) is that I only need about a 34" band, but about a DDD cup size. It is such a curse I tell ya.

    So - if you're similarly 'cursed' where do you find your proper fitting torture wear?

    I would appreciate your feedback.
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    I have found that Sears always has a good selection of supportive bras in "well endowed" sizes. I'm not sure which department stores are near you, but if you look for the "full figured' type, they usually go up to H or so.

    One other thing I've re-discovered recently...maternity bras.
    They're pretty, they're very supportive, and they have cup sizes that accommodate ample endowment, and a pretty good range of band sizes.

    Might be worth a look. And an added bonus, they're made of soft cotton and don't have a lot of poky wires and things that dig in.

    Hope this helps.

    (from one "you could put an eye out with those things" to another)

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    As another who is "more blessed than the rest" please let me know when you find the answer. I wear between a 32/34 band---and am at least a D---but they don't really fit right since the girls have moved south----Bras a too full in the top part of the cup and too skimpy toward the band---and the straps---I have narrow shoulders and the stupid straps will not stay in place and the little adjuster things always move and I end up lopsided!!!!!
    Why oh why didn't I have that reduction I was offered years ago>)
  4. If you have any higher end stores they tend to help you more. I had to quit going to JC Penneys and stores like that because my daughter and I just could not get bras to fit, I am a DDD and she is too (at 16) We now buy our bras at Lane Bryant because not only do they cater to bigger sizes, but they will measure you and help you find the right fit.
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    Although I am not a DDD size, I am well endowed. Truthfully I think you should save your money and make a trip out of town to find a department store known for quality fittings. It makes such a huge difference in how you feel every day that it is worth the bucks. DDD
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    Okay, this site is a tad expensive, BUT they have THE BEST guide for accurately measuring and fitting yourself for bras:

    Just click on the Fitting Room tab and all the info you need is there.

    I'm another one in the more-than-amply-endowed-club, and I have a small back compared to my front :p . Plus, it seems that the older I get, the bigger they get :( Which may be fine for husband, but it's lousy for me to find clothing and bras that fit right. Strapless anything? Get REAL!
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    I surf and look for bargains a couple times a week. I got a Waocol 34 daughter for 13.00. I was so excited at the bargein I bought 2. They are really expensive normally but if you keep your eyes open you can find bargains. Many carry DDD.

    Bare Necessities web site has beautiful and varied types of support. You may want to get professionally measured then keep your eyes open for great bargains.
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    There a very few places I can find my size (34DD) is at Victoria's Secret and although they are somewhat expensive they have been the best fitting bras I've ever had.
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    I'm a 36 ddd and I go to the Bally outlet and get one that is about $14. Right now, it's the only one that I can find that fits.

    Various department stores do have fittings every so often, so if you call and ask them, they can tell you when they have them.
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    I recommend doing the measuring as recommended at and then ordering some bras from several different sites to see what seems to work and be comfortable for you.

    My biggest bra problem is that I can swell 2-3 INCHES around in about 2 hours, and I DO fluctuate during the day. So any bra that is comfortable at one point in time will be VERY uncomfortable in about 2 hours. I actually get shooting pain down my arms and sometimes cannot breathe all from a BRA! (I even have trouble with waistbands, hence my constant choice of tshirt and denim jumper for clothing!).

    But land's end has some great bra choices, and so does Vanity Fair. If you ever drive past the Lee/Hanes/Vanity Fair outlets they are usually great places to find bras. They always seem to have quite a selection of large size bras also.
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    You are in Michigan right? Try Harps in Birmingham on Woodward. They are trained the right way to measure you.

    Or Bra World by the Oakland Mall, I wasn't pleased there though.

    My girlfriend swears by Von Maur's bra department.

    Good Luck.
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    Just My Size! They have fantastic sales, name brands, every size shape color imaginable. They also have frequent "free shipping" deals along with the big sales.

    They're also wonderful about returns.

    Good luck to you and "the girls" (I personally refer to mine as Fred and Charlie).