Finger infection. Wish me luck

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    Ok, as I told in another topic, I have a finger infection.
    So I did the course of treatment that GP gave me. But still, it persists.
    I could find a solution with GP to deal with it : Betadine and I see her on Monday if it persists (which is highly likely on Monday). She accepted to write a letter for the hospital.
    Because yes, it happened in the past that something doesn't seem serious at first sight but the benign symptom turns out to be a serious issue (like the first time I had my pericarditis. It looked like anxiety, well, girls, it was instead a pericarditis. I figured out the treatment alone, without even knowing it was a pericarditis, but this is what saved my life : otherwise, it would have lead to heart failure at 23 years old. No thank you).

    She knows that I often rely on sensitivity changes to see that something is serious : if I wait for a fever, she must wait forever !! Sensitivity is not an usual blenchmark to assess seriousness, I know, but we could figure out something serious before it became life threatening (with obvious clinical signs).
    So when I told her that sensitivity in this area is exactly the same as full infection, that it's still swollen and that it's painful, even if it's swollen like an end of infection, well, something doesn't absolutely sound right for me. I had these kind of infection, and at the end of an infection, sensitivity returns to normal and no, it cannot be swollen nor painful. This is not me at all.
    I added that it's not to make her life a misery, but we already had the same kind of story with other stuff. For me like for her, been there done that, déjà vu.
    She then asked me what I thought it was. I replied that for me, the infection seems to be persisting.
    She asked me then how did we treat it. I reminded her that we started an antiseptic ointment + antiseptic she prescribed Wednesday last week, that it has been seven days, and the infection seems to persist even after following her prescription religiously.
    She accepted when I told her that sorry, but this end of infection does not seem an end of infection, but that the infection seems more to persist than anything else.
    She knows me not to be aware that if I complain, it's that there is something under the cover.

    I was screaming on the phone. Of course, with SSD, no sound return when I am on the phone.
    Mom went then to see me to suggest a solution. I told her that I want first to finish the phone call and then, I will speak to her.
    She didn't take it well.
    Then, after, she told me that I seemed distressed, I screamed on the phone. I reminded her that she knows that having no sound return makes me screaming, especially on the phone.
    "And you want to put me the blame". Oh no !! A three years old child !!
    I looked at her and told her that I didn't put her the blame, but it was absolute reality that I have no sound return when I am on the phone, so it leads to scream even if I don't hear me as screaming.
    I wanted to ask her "stop acting like a 3 years old child", but I walked away instead.
    We then could agree for the appointment to the dermatologist.

    So, finally, after all that mess, we called a dermatologist we know. She was absent. If, on Monday, she cannot take me, then I will have to go to dermatologic ER.
    So call back to GP to tell her the whole.
    At the end, we agreed with GP to wait until Monday, Betadine and I come to see her then if the infection persists (which seems very likely to do so, says my intuition). GP will write a letter. A doctor in an ER can imagine not seeing me that the not-looking-alike-an-emergency turns out to be a real emergency, especially with my short stature, thin bone frame, and on the top of that, ADHD cared in neurology/psychiatry. So GP can say to another physician that she saw me, and that it's not like I complain for nothing. Unfortunately, these kinds of situation happened to me, so I have to be double careful.

    Pfiou, figuring out such a mess is not easy, but necessary !!
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    I must have missed the other post about the infection. Is it from a cut? Or what? I got a rather nasty one........gain grene is nasty (and I've not had enough coffee to spell properly this morning evidently) and I used to bite my nails extremely as a child. So........I got an infection so bad it turned the tip of my finger green by the time I thought it might be a good idea to tell my mom about it. She wasn't a take a kid to a doctor type (unless you were at death's door).

    Epsom salt. Hot water heated on the stove to just boiling and lots of Epsom salt in it. Soaked until the water cooled several times a day. It took a rather longish time......that infection was BAD. Maybe a week or ten days later it hurt something fierce.............and as a kid when something hurt I squeezed it (yes I was odd) so I squeezed the tip of the finger and ewww suddenly all this green thick pus started draining out from under the nail. I squeezed until no more drained........when on soaking but that was something I did every time I soaked from then on. My mom didn't know cuz she'd told me to leave it be or I'd lose my finger. (one didn't cross my mom up front lol ) Between the scalding hot water and Epsom salts the infection completely drained away and healed. I lost the nail but it grew back.

    This is an old remedy for such things. I don't know if what caused your infection would make it useful as a treatment or not. Just thought it might be worth mentioning.

  3. Giulia

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    The finger infection comes from a home made manicure :/ I used to bite my nails a lot, much much less now.
    In the mean time, I figured out how to stop the manicure accident. Thanks Godness !!

    Thanks God that this time, it didn't turn out green.

    Don't know how do we call your old remedy in France though :(

    Oh, and she is aware that when I complain, it means that there is an issue. It sometimes seems not somethig serious for her but boy, my body plays weird stuff.

    Who here had a pericarditis which looked like anxiety ?? (yes, one month and a half in bed + aspirin. Boy, I hate it !! I was 22 nearly 23 yo for the first, recurrence at 24 yo)
    That was quite weirdo. Even the cardiologist told me that it is weird.
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    Back from dermatologist. GP thought it needed to be incised.

    Dermatologist thinks that before incising, a course of oral antibiotics should make the trick. I'll tell it to GP, of course, and she may save it in my file for next time.