Finger tapping in ADHD

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Malika, Apr 11, 2013.

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    wrong link? I get to an ADHD article - about medications.
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    No, it's the right link but you have to scroll down to see the video at the side. Sorry, I perhaps should have pointed that out.
    I thought it was quite interesting - saying that there's a possible new diagnostic tool for ADHD as they found that a strong correlation between ADHD boys, particularly, who moved their other hand when asked to move only one hand with a series of exercises.
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    Ah. Video. Which I don't do because... I can't hear well enough.

    But... the "other hand" stuff?
    That's not "really" ADHD. That's related more closely to Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)/Aspie and/or sensory processing/integration.

    One of the biggest problems we have is that - DSM V notwithstanding - nobody really agrees on what the terms mean.

    In our part of the world (one tiny corner of Canada), ADD/ADHD = attention or attention + executive function problems. Anything else is add-on or different diagnosis.
    And yes, I know people who are definitely ADD (K2 is one of these)... who have NO other issues.

    I also notice that a LOT of studies focus on the boys... gender bias. Girls get missed more often. Had to fight tooth-and-nail for K2 to get a diagnosis. Her attention management problem is HUGE - and highly receptive to medications.
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    Actually, this study included both boys and girls - it was just that they found the correlation in the boys, not the girls. But apart from that, you are right of course... there seems far more focus on ADHD in boys.
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    IC, once again agree. And the tapping is also a big thing with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), as you said. But executive function issues are also huge in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) too :)
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    Are we talking about the same thing, I wonder? The study was not about children tapping per se, but rather than when asked to move the fingers of one hand, they found that in ADHD subjects, the fingers of the other hand also moved...
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    Malika - yes, we're talking about the same thing. What they are describing is a symptom of sensory integration problems - especially midline processing. It has a huge impact on things like writing. The ability to simultaneously manage each side of the body separately, Know what I mean?? It's why my difficult child does better playing a band instrument, than playing piano. On a band instrument, both hands work TOGETHER... on piano, they work independently (especially if you're playing a Bach Fugue). Writing... one hand manages the paper, the other manages the pen. Affects a lot of other things, too - those are just easier to describe.

    "Tapping" and ADHD do go together... it's part of the restlessness, the impulsivity, and self-"medicating" (the independent activity actually helps the kid focus - some kids listen better if they are walking/running on one spot, than if they are trying to sit still).
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    Add "leg pumping"...sigh! DDD