First Day of School!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. susiestar

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    Today was the first day of school! BOTH of my kids had a great time. I was worried about thank you because we missed meet the teacher night (was not on the web page and NOTHING was mailed out of mentioned at registration!). But he knew the teacher (her husband owns a pizza place) and was just fine.

    Jess did great on the bus and finding all her classes. She has friends in most of them and had a wonderful time.

    The bus schedule is wacky. Jess gets on the bus at 7am. thank you get on at 8:25. So no chance of Jess helping thank you out on the bus. BUT the older kids are not with younger kids, so that is good.

    Anyway, that is what we are up to. Haven't received an update on Wiz's first day.

    Anyone else start school this early?
  2. Andy

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    We don't start until Aug 27th (still earlier than the public school). I am nervous. I do not know what to expect from difficult child. I have asked his therapist to talk with him about teachers and classmates this month. difficult child acts like he has no idea what I am talking about when I mention that last year's behaviour was unacceptable at times toward students and teachers. He is pretending that it never happened.

    I am so glad that school for thank you and Jess went well. I wish whoever made the schedules would have the younger kids picked up 1st and dropped off last. I don't have to work with that decision but it bugs me everytime I hear that older siblings will not be available to assist with younger kids.
  3. mstang67chic

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    Glad they had a good day! Yes, ours started today and my sis and bro start tomorrow. (They are in a different county) difficult child, in addition to doing his laundry the other day and getting up on his own for work, got up on his own this morning too. I have no idea what's going on but I'm trying not to jinx things! LOL
  4. Wiped Out

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    I'm glad their first day went well! We don't start til after Labor Day. I'm very worried with difficult child starting middle school this year. We are going to meet with some of his teachers next Friday (the 22nd) to hopefully help with the transition.
  5. ML

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    The manster started yesterday. This was his second day and he already forgot his homwork binder. He forgets to put it in his backpack. And I guess there was an assignment in there for me to do so I'm already in trouble with the teach! I pray this one will work with me to help trigger his memory.

    Off to a rocky start but hopeful.
  6. amazeofgrace

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    we start Sept 3rd and this year should be interesting. we will see
  7. Hound dog

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    I will not gloat that I no long have kids in school. :D Well, I do have kids in school, just ADULT kids that I don't have to worry about grades and such. (YEA!)

    School here starts friday. I only know because SILs little sis will be in 1st grade and easy child was talking about it.
  8. susiestar

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    We are going to have an interesting year. My bro is in another school district - one WAY "easier" but that does NOT prepare kids for college or anything else. So he transfers his daughter into our district. They have to take whatever placement they get. This year they got OUR school. Niece will have thank you's kdg teacher - a TOTALLY AWESOME teacher. I am wondering how much this will push them into our lives. I am NOT up for daycare pickups, etc... Health just is NOT up to it. So I forsee some issues. Last year my parents lived down the street from the school niece was in. At least 1 or 2 times a week they got called to pick up niece because bro couldn't. I mean, after all, he gets out of work at 4:30 and daycare insists on pickup by 6. What an imposition on him, isn't it (much sarcasm here).

    Anyway, it will be an interesting year. Good luck to anyone else with kids in school now or soon!
  9. Star*

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    I am EMPOWERING you with all the Star-dust I can TO JUST SAY


    when it comes to your brother -

    Waiting to hear how Wizard did........perhaps he's learning about Licanthropes?

    (sorry - couldnt' resist)
  10. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Glad yours are off to a great start :) We go back on 9/2, so we're still enjoying the summer and I'm in denial (haven't bought any supplies yet) and not even sure where #2 will be going because of a transfer snafu. Oh well, it will all work out in the end...
  11. You can't beat a great first day! I hope the momentum continues!!!

    Our difficult child started school on Monday - way too early - especially because summer was so wonderful for us. difficult child worked doing IT support in his Dad's office and everyone was very upset that he had to leave and go back to school. We are encouraged by the fact that he got along so well with everyone and was beginning to develop some initiative by the end of the summer. (That's a biggie!).

    I met with one of his teachers last week, have appointments with 2 tomorrow, and 1 next week.
    Wish me luck!
  12. mrscatinthehat

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    Glad to hear things started well. We don't start until next week. That is for easy child who is at home. I think difficult child 1 starts then too. difficult child 3 goes year round.

  13. Lothlorien

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    School talk already! Wow...we don't start until Sept 3, either. 2 1/2 more weeks.
  14. smallworld

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    Susie, glad things went well on the first day. You do start early!

    Our public schools open on August 26. M will start then. A, who attends a private school, begins September 2.

    We have no idea when J will start school. We are in the middle of the IEP process for him. We are trying to get our county SD to place him in a program for socially and emotionally fragile students that is not held at our home HS. Unfortunately, our next IEP meeting is called for August 27, the day after school begins. So he may start the year on home instruction. Certainly not ideal, but can't be helped.
  15. susiestar

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    I think Wiz did well. My dad didn't say much about it, and Wiz hasn't called me, so I have very little info. If there were problems, my dad would have said something on the phone. Thank you for asking, Star. I will post more when I know more.
  16. Glad everyone's back to school is going well.

    easy child starts school on 8/25, she will be attending a different high school this year. She is for once looking forward to it. She is also happy that this school doesn't have a dress code, so for the first time since 7th grade, she can wear jeans to school (she is entering 11th grade). difficult child will also start school on the 25th. The school district we are a part of has a school at the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) where he is at. Each unit has it's own classroom, with assigned teachers. Because the school is a part of the school district, they will follow the same curriculum that he would have in the neighborhood school.

    I start school on the 25th too. This is my 2nd semester back to school, I am going to the local community college. I can only take two classes at a time right now, but at least I am going. I am taking one class on campus and one class online. For now, I am just taking the basics, getting my English and Math out of the way.