First piano recital.....

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I'm performing in my first recital on February 11th. "Promptly at 3". That cracked me up.

I'm playing 3 pieces that I believe I can master (memorize) by then. My family will be getting real tired of those pieces of music when all is said & done. :blush:

I'm looking forward to this - it will somehow be a rite of passage for me. :princess:


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Oh how wonderful!

I remember when I used to take piano and my first recital. I was I played somewhere over the rainbow. I took lessons until I was 12.

My parents sold our piano when they got divorced when I was 19. I have wanted to get another one for the last ten years but never have had the money since we got a place that was big enough. It was always so relaxing to me. I dont even know if I could play now but Im pretty sure I could pick it back up again easily enough.


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How great, Linda :bravo:

I took piano lessons for a long time too when I was younger. It was such a calming, enjoyable hobby for me.

I've often thought about getting one, but the prices - not now.

How lovely you are to perform! Let us know how it goes. Don't be late :rofl:


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Ladies, I'm having so much fun doing this. by the way, I have fairly little room to work with - I have a digital piano. It was fairly affordable - less than $1000. It has weighted keys & pedals like a "real" piano.

It has the sound & feel of a piano & I have little trouble transitioning from my digital to the piano at school.

It will be a fun experience - I just know they are going to schedule a 6 year old prodigy in front of me. :hammer: :rofl:

I'll be playing music from the Swan Lake Ballet, The American Fiddle Tune, The Aria from the Marriage of Figaro & Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen. My biggest concern is memorizing all this music. My instructor would prefer that I have no sheet music. :blush:


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Linda, I hope the auditorium is large enough to house all of your "cyber sisters" when we attend your recital. I think it's wonderful!

:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:



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I love hearing about your music, Linda.

Like Suz, I will be there in spirit at the recital, too.

How exciting!

And even if there is a six year old prodigy on before you? Remember that every mother in that recital hall will go home stronger and more committed to her own growth because she has seen you perform.

We all want to play and wish we could follow our dreams. It takes a certain amount of courage to actually do it, though.




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I'll be there in spirit, too.

I took lessons til I was 13. The instructor would get so frustrated because while I can read music, I also play by ear. I'd get so nervous I'd get the timing wrong, I hated the recitals. lmao

Hugs :princess:

Sue C

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Super congratulations to you!!! I am proud of you!!

I took piano lessons from a family friend when I was a little girl. Then when I was married, I thought I'd take lessons at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. Very expensive and very "la dee da." The teacher was horrified at what I did NOT learn from my first piano teacher. Then she got mad at me for not practicing two hours/night. Then came time for the recital. I was too petrified so I refused to participate. She actually told me not to sign up for classes the next semester. She said she would not teach me because of the refusal to participate in the recital.

Anyway, you are my hero because you are participating in your recital and you are excited about it!!!! Awesome!!! :bravo:

I'll be with you in spirit. Let us know how it goes.


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Hope all goes well, It is inspiring to see you reach out and try new things, but how do you feel about the tune Nobody Knows The Troubles I Have Seen, seems to me it hits kinda close to home...really just kidding you. Good luck


Congratualations.....I know it will be a great experience for you, because you are looking forward to it.

having gone through this with a child--I really don't appreciate Sue C.'s teacher (la-dee-dah) who forced recitals--big mistake.

I will be there also in spirit :smile: :smile: :smile:


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I'm practicing my fingers off. The Trouble song seems a little ironic, don't you think? I think I play it with true feeling though. LOL!

Thanks - I looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces at the recital. I believe we need to have a party/reception afterwards - don't you? :smile:


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I'll be there too! Wouldn't want to miss that (or the party afterwards! :grin:)


I really admire you for doing this! I've always wanted to learn to play the piano, but you actually DID it! Good for you!


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I think we should absolutely do a party on the evening of your recital, Linda! :cool:

And I thought about the irony in the pieces you would be playing, too ~ but you know what?

What better thing to do with the painful things in our lives, now that they are over, than to make music out of them?

If we do a Board party after your recital?

I used to play the flute, and I used to play the violin.

What are the instruments others of us used to play?

And which are the songs we should practice, for Linda's after-the-recital party?

I believe I will wear a long, black strapless something to Linda's recital.

And later, after I have played my flute for everyone and have begun playing my violin?

I will be holding one of the long-stemmed red roses from the cyber bouquet we all are sending Linda before her recital between my teeth.

(I have always wanted to do that, you guys!)




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I just saw this post, so I am joining the ranks of those congratulating you a bit late, but not any less enthusiastically! I think that it is amazing that you have carved out a bit of time for yourself to dedicate to learning the piano - and the recital will be great!

Do you think the recital hall will be big enough to hold all of us? I can try to get there a bit early to save seats - how many coats will I need to stretch across the reserved chairs? :wink:

Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen is a bit ironic - hee hee. I had to chuckle! Those types of things usually only happen to me - I'm glad I haven't cornered the market on the cosmic sense of humor that is life!!

Way to go, Linda!!! :bravo: