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You asked about frozen yogurt...
Well - the yogurt itself isn't hurt by freezing but. BUT. "Frozen Yogurt" is to yogurt what "Ice Cream" is to milk. In other words... loaded with sugar - and sugar suppresses the immune system.

However... it's HOW hot out there right now?
Compare labels. See if you can find a brand of frozen yog that is lower in fat and sugar than whatever your regular ice cream is... and it will still be healthier than what you were using before.

Even sorbets have the same problem - no fat, but loaded in sugar.


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The deal with potatos - the white potato, straight out of the ground, is a perfect little package. The sugar molecules are encased in fiber. However, once you heat the white potato, the casings explode exposing the sugar. Fiber slows the absorption of sugar into your bloodstream. Sweet potatoes are a much better choice (and they have white sweet potatoes) because they have more fiber, less carbs (meaning less sugar), and more vitamins and minerals (with the exception of potassium) than the white potato.

I have just recently discovered buffalo. I haven't tried any of the steak or bacon/sausage products, only the ground. Around here, you can find it at Whole Foods and a number of the local supermarkets carry a limited amount. It has over 60% less fat than ground beef and up to 50% less cholesterol! Buffalo is "free range" and never fed feed with growth hormones are antibiotics. It has a richer, sweeter flavor. The one word of caution with bison is that because it has a much lower fat content, it cooks faster and is easy to overcook. I actually add some fat to my ground - i.e., when making four patties from a pound of bison, I will add fat in the form of one whole egg to the mixture along with a few tablespoons of finely minced onion, worchester sauce and either dried or fresh cilantro.



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Thanks for the meat info. It seems strange that I haven't had any meat lately. on the other hand I am adapting more easily than I expected to, lol. Thanks for the Whole Foods tip. There are stores a few hours away and I likely will find someone who can pick up some for me. Meanwhile I still am missing my cigarettes and using small Nicorettes to keep from going nuts. It's been around six months since I quit and I don't get it. Maybe it is all the health stress that is making me want instant relief. Sigh. You guys are a great support resource. DDD


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I stopped smoking back in December and do pretty well cept when my stress levels go up. I bought an E Cigarette (N Joy) and its helped immensly with the craving-with me I think it is a sensory thing. It has a very small amount of nicotine and comes like a small mist. I found some others on line that you can refil yourself and you can get them without the nicotine. I tried sucking on hard candies and it doesnt work for me.

Stress and smoking has a big impact on my developing diverticilutis. Trying to figure out what I could/can eat was really confusing as the doctors don't have a "diet" per se, and searching the internet was/is confusing at best. I am not supposed to eat anything with seeds or skins, no corn, brocolli, nuts, grapes, etc but then you have studies like the one done by the Mayo clinic which says it doesn't matter. They need to remind me of that when I am doubled up in pain because one of those have gotten stuck in one of the holes that are still in my remaining colon. Am in the throws of an anxiety/panic attack because yesterday I ate a cherry and swallowed the pit LOL Had to call the doctor and he said I "should" be ok, just stay away from eating anything "heavy". Am thinking what in the heck constitutes "heavy"

What helped me the most with my diet is joining a board for diverticilutis suffers and they are a big help as far as food goes. I found that no one had the same reaction to certain foods, however, EVERYONE had the same stomach reaction when it came to stress, smoking and alcohol. Mayby finding a board with your illness may help.



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I "get it" Marcie. Somehow it seems like the medical community should have printed nutritional guidelines for such common diseases instead of patients having to search the internet and the libraries. Like you, lol, I have read expert sites that negate the information that I've gathered on other expert sites. Ironically that results in stress...which obviously is the enemy for healing.

I did buy and try the E cigarette but it was not for me. It triggered my oral neurosis. These yucky tasting tablets do bring relief pdq and I know from sad experience if I ever pick up on cigarette I will be back to a pack a day pronto. I'll be keeping you in my always. DDD


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Christina Carilla. I believe that is how you spell it. She was diagnosed at a young age and wasn't given much time. She went to the Bahama's to live out her last days, discovered holistic heath and is better. This was many years ago she writes cookbooks and I was fortunate enough to see her in person when she gave a cooking demonstation at Gilda's Club South Jersey. Her food was insanely good! I had never heard of many of the ingredients, but I know if you went to the health food store, or the asian market- she said they had them. Google her story, maybe you can contact her, her and her husband arrange vacations where they take groups of people, cook all the food and plan everything for the groups. She knows her diet cured her. She is around 50, look her up, you may get some ideas. Healing thoughts to you, my friend. I just want to add I would never do chemo again. I would do what you are doing.


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I'll look her up and hope to find some fresh inspiration. Thanks. DDD

PS: On a web site I joined there is "polite" negativity for those not doing chemo. Turns out a woman close to my age with an ill older husband sent me a PM saying "I'm so glad you joined. The members don't understand our choice, my local friends think I am "selfish" and even my MD's staff acts like I have the plague." Who would have thunk?? :)