First Report Card !!!!!!!!!!!!

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    thank you just brought me his first quarter report card. STRAIGHT A'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He has 100% in Language Arts and 98% in both science and robotics (a second science class that is very advanced and was hard to get into!)!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am SOOOOOO PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    He did have 1 1/2 days of in school suspension because he went off on 2 kids last week. Choked one of them. We were NOT happy about it, but.... Of course our schools say they have 'no bullying reports' but mostly it is because the teachers refuse to let the kids write them up. the 2 boys that thank you lost it with have been taking his stuff and spreading it all around the room almost every day since school started and the teacher has flat out refused to tell them to stop or to let thank you have the form to report it as bullying. When I emailed her about this weeks ago she said it had stopped but it hadn't. She just refused to see it and instead sent an email to tell us to tell thank you to be 'more organized'. Bully reports cannot be written up at the office by the kids - they must go to the teacher of the class they were in when it happened. Period.

    So we didn't come down too hard on thank you for the fight. in my opinion it was a long time coming and this has been the best week of the year now that the kids know that they cannot continue to push him with impunity.

    But those grades are WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    WAY TO GO thank you!!! And mom, you have every reason to be proud! As for the bullying, I wouldn't have done much either. Good for him for putting up with it as long as he did before he did something. THAT is progress as far as difficult child's go. You should be proud of that too!!
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    i am WAY proud of the way he handled the bullying. The more I think about it, the prouder I am. because he went to his teachers every other week since the first week of school and they did NOTHING other than tell him that he brought it on himself. Now I know he can be a brat, and socially awkward, but thank you is a total easy child. He remembers Wiz' violence and he looks EXACTLY like Wiz when Wiz was his age. At EVERY age he has been wiz' mini-me. He has always wanted to NOT be a mini-me of WIz when Wiz was violent. Now htat Wiz isn't, he is fine with the resemblance. But people who know Wiz do double takes when they see thank you, it is pretty funny actually.

    But thank you has always gone out of his way to NOT be violent in any way. partly because he just is the sweetest kid, and partly to be different than the old Wiz.

    So I know it had to be BAD for thank you to have gone off on the kids. REALLY BAD and for a LONG time. So I am so proud that he stood up for himself. He even volunteered for work detail (cleaning up after lunch) so that he would be back in classes by 3rd period of the 2nd day of ISS. Otherwise it would have been 2 full days.

    One awesome thing about Oklahoma is that starting in 8th grade if you keep a B or above in ALL of your classes you get a FREE education at any state university in OK. yes, ladies, I said F.R.E.E. !!!!!!! Wiz couldn't be bothered to keep his grades up. Jess can' handle attending classes or the onlne requirements so she will get a GED. But I have every faith that thank you will keep his grades up and get the free college - he really really wants it!

    by the way, if any of you are thinking of moving, or the opportunity for a good job in OK comes up, this is offered to EVERY CHILD in Oklahoma, not just ones in certain areas. EVERY CHILD.
  4. TeDo

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    Sorry, got the kids mixed up. Still, this board auntie is proud of him! That is an AWESOME idea with the college. If he's anything like my difficult child 2, he'll make it with bells on.
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    Wow have every right to be so proud of him. I think you were right to just let the school punishment stand and not go overboard with the behavior situation. Can you write an email stating the situation then requesting he be given the report...and CC it to the principal? Maybe then she has to supply it or, there is a paper trail that she is allowing bullying in her class....
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    Buddy, there isn't any bullying in the school, so asking for a bully report would be meaningless. Just ask the administrators and teachers. Asking for the report to be given to thank you would only result in the school telling me that all he has to do is ask for one, but that they don't give them to parents because parents are not there when it is happening.

    Therefore, there is no bullying. Cause if you cannot PROVE that you saw it, well, it is just kids being kids.

    I would have thought after the school shooting at our jr high last month that they would be doing more, but they won't. It was a boy 2 yrs older than thank you who shot himself at school. Parents were totally unaware of any bullying, and the school announced that it 'couldn't' be a result of bullying because no bully reports had been filed. But the kids were not allowed to have the forms so they couldn't report bullying. We are going around and around and around on this as a community.
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    Wow...just WOW! That's GREAT! Congratus to a great effort!
  8. LittleDudesMom

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    :yess: Great News!

  9. SuZir

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    Way to go, thank you!

    But other than that:
    Okay, I'm maybe little sensitive when it comes to bullying, but I do find the situation in your kid's school intolerable.

    Can you raise a huge stink out of it? You can be sure your kid is not an only one being bullied. And bullying in schools and administration accepting it and denying kids the possibilities to get away from it can lead to huge tragedies. Bullying is a huge safety and health hazard for all kids at that school and community around them.

    Of course backslash to your kid could be too bad after raising waves about their policies, but do you have a possibility to change schools, if it gets too bad?
  10. buddy

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    I figured. It's not so much I thought they'd respond but I thought if you created a paper trail saying that thank you was requesting a form and you wanted to follow up ...then no matter how they replied it was documented in case this ever goes further.
    They sound like experts at cya ...well avoiding even needing to cya.

    Of course all schools have bullying. How sick.

    Maybe have thank you request the form thru email so its documented it came from him?
  11. susiestar

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    I am glad I am not the only one to see the absurdity of the school's position on bullying. Having thank you email asking for the report would (and has) generated the response that all he needs to do is ask the teacher for the form. Which sets the whole ridiculous cycle going around yet again.

    We do have a group of parents calling for antibullying programs in ALL of our schools and the pressure is getting pretty intense, esp since the parents are using social media to do this. The school district is developing a MAJOR image problem for our schools. Our district has always had a VERY good image in our state, competing with some of the best schools in the 2 big cities. We have amazing funding due to long term financial planning watched over by a group of the professors at the local university (accounting, econ and finance profs are amazing for our district - we pay no more than $35 for school fees nad there are NO supply lists for any of our elem schools - NONE!) We often has as many or more National Merit scholars AND top athletes than any other school in our state. But the suicide at our jr high (thank you is in the middle school, not the jr high yet so he did not know the boy, thankfully.) has put a spotlight on our district and the problems.

    I am hoping that soon the community pressure will result in some actual actions to prevent and stop bullying. Jess couldn't even attend middle school safely because she was having hands grabbing her private areas and even trying to get down her pants during class changes as the kids were all in the hallways. The school told us that she had to "learn to deal wtih it" because they could not supervise the hallways. Thank heavens the entire admin from that time was replaced 2 yrs ago because they had several rapes happen during school. Most of the community isn't even aware of this because it was hushed up a LOT. But I know poeple and got the info because they knew my daughter had been at risk when she was there. This is also the school that sent the fax to our neurologist saying the school knew they were not really a dr office but were a friend of mine sending a fax so my daughter could skip school. The neuro was FURIOUS and so were we.

    At least some things have changed, which is a good thing. Now if we can just fix the bullying.
  12. TerryJ2

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    Congratulations!!! That's great!

    So sorry about the bullying issue. Sheesh.
  13. JJJ

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    Bullying forms should be freely available to all -- students, parents and the community. Our high school has a link on their website that anyone can fill out to report bullying. It can be done anonymously so a child who is scared to stand up to the bullies can still get help.