fish oil and kidney disease

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    Suggested to easy child about using fish oil to help with his kidney disease. He's game, said he heard some good things about it, can't hurt.

    I'm guessing he's about 110-120lbs, maybe less, I hope not. easy child is 23.

    I going to send him the liquid becasue he has some stomach problems and the liquid gives you less problems than the capsules.

    Should I suggest he start on 2-3 tsp a day? I know with the capsules it would be 4-6 a day. What's the equivalent in liquid.

    Anyone know?

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    The kind I get at the health food store is okay until you open it. They live in the middle of nowhere so now GNC's for them! Thanks, I'll check the link.

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    Hey TM, great link. Even dealt with easy child's specific type of kidney disease. I think with him taking this it will help all around. He's having back pain too and I know it will help that as it did with me and it will also boost his immune system and may help him from getting sick so often.

    I might look into the kind in the packets advertised on the website, for him and me. They sound intresting.