Flaxseed Oil with- Omega 3,6 and 9

Discussion in 'Healthful Living / Natural Treatments' started by kjs_dad, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. kjs_dad

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    Any opinions on Flaxseed Oil and dosage? I've read that it's helpful with- ADHD and mild depression. My difficult child KJ seems to do well on Concerta..but I'd love to find an natural alternative.

    This is a kid that loves to eat roasted whole coffee beans.
  2. Mrs.S

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    We have been using omega 3 for about 2 months and I saw some improvement in general mood after about 3 weeks. the capsule my son takes has 250mg fish oil and 150 mg flax seed. the doctor said he could take 2 a day but we stick with one because they are kind of pricey. you should check with your doctor about safe dosages just to be safe.
  3. Mrs.S

    Mrs.S New Member

    oh just wanted to add we are not using this as an alternative...... we are using it in addition to strattera
  4. transformtriumph

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    He is probably self-medicating with the coffee beans.
    I don't know the dosages for flax but have heard good results. Have you asked a nutritionist?
  5. cmdh

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    we use milled flax seed. That way we get the benefit of the omega's and the fiber! OK I'm lazy, the DR said to use whole flax seeds and grind them in a coffee grinder.

    difficult child is on a mega dose to help with constipation so I'm not sure what the dosage should be.