For all of you DWTS fans. . .


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The show was fabulous! Better than I had even imagined and we had seats that were only three rows from the dance floor. Each celebrity did their most famous routines ~ yes, that included Drew and Cheryl's cowboy dance ~ and the dance company of pro's was unbelievable.

One of my favorite moments was when Harry Hamlin mentioned that he had never gotten to dance with his wife on the show. So after showing wedding photos on a huge screen at the back of the stage, he introduced the "love of my life" and she came down in a fabulous ballroom gown and they danced the waltz to a beautiful romantic ballad.

There were singers, dancers, and even some comedy ~ the trio of Drew, Joey, and Joey would make a good comedy team. Each celebrity talked quite a bit about their experience with the show and introduced other dancers. Joey McIntyre also sang two songs while others danced.

Suz ~ The answer to your question about what I was going to wear turned out to be quite humorous. The show was held at the county civic center and arena which is comprised of several separate buildings. We parked where directed by the parking attendant and followed other people into the building. On the way in, husband mentioned that he thought we were not dressed up enough because all of the other people were in fancy party clothes. Sure enough, the women were wearing furs and sequined tops and the men were in dress suits. We entered the building and I saw a sign for complementary coat checks. I wondered how in the world they were going to check all of those coats. We must have looked quite puzzled because some kind soul asked us if we were looking for the arena. When we said yes, he said it was in the next building over.

Yes, we had managed to crash a party for one of the big conventions in town. :blush:

So off we went in search of the arena and to our relief, everyone was dressed just like us ~ nice business casual. For a moment there, to paraphrase George Gobel on the Tonight Show, I felt like a pair of brown shoes in a room full of tuxedos.


Anyway, if you have a chance, GO SEE THE SHOW. If you loved the television show, you'll be dancing in your seats. Especially during the show finale ~ Disco Inferno!!



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<font color="purple">so glad you had such a great time!

kris :princess: :princess: :princess: :princess: </font>


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I'm such a sentimental slob, no doubt I would be using tissues when Harry gave his speech. :9-07tears:

Sounds like a great evening. Loved your George Gobel quote- I haven't heard that in decades and it sure sounds appropriate to how you were feeling. Pretty funny!

So when are you and husband signing up for dance classes?

Suz :princess:


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Sounds like it was a great show, Kathy!

I was ROFL about everyone in furs and glitzy outfits, only to find out it was a convention and the Dancing show was in the next building. lol.

Like Suz, I would have been misty eyed about Harry Hamlin's comments. I have always thought he and Lisa (minus the lips, ROFL) make a stunning couple.

I would have loved to see Drew and Cheryl's dance live. I'll bet it brought the house down.

Glad you and husband had fun.



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Sounds like a fun evening!!

I could picture the fur and diamonds! Great quote about the brown shoes in a sea of tuxedos!!

I agree with Deb - the Harry Hamlin/Lisa Rinna dance must have been great! Of course, I also agree with Deb's "lip" comment, too!! :rofl:


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Another funny moment happened during the preshow. They had an amateur dance competition with Alec from season 1 as the judge. Then they showed a 15 minute clip of Tysonia, the slimfast dancer who was taught how to dance by an instructor who was in the dance company on the tour.

Remember those annoying 2 minute clips during the show? Well, it actually was a lot better when they showed her journey without any interruption. The funny moment was at the end when she was standing between Max and Tony and they dipped her backward and each kissed her on the cheek.

A rather matronly woman behind me sighed rather loudly, turned to her companion, and said, "I could have died right then and my life would have been complete."

:rofl: :rofl:

I wanted to say, "I hear you, sister."