For anyone using Agave Nectar

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    Just take it all away from me!!!
    Here is another article...

    I know that no sweetener is perfect... of course they tout stevia, in leaf form as the only one!
    I love sweets!!! I do love fruit but I need my sugar fix!!! My Agave is from here though and organic. I guess that helps a tiny bit.
    I'm depressed now.
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    Cheer up. I tried Stevia and broke out in a horrid rash from it. I don't eat a lot of sweet stuff, and I figure the two tsp of sugar in my AM coffee isn't going to kill me. Yep...good ol' white cane sugar.

    I'm a sort of "in moderation" person when it comes to sugars and fats, though I rarely eat red meat, that is a matter of taste more than it is of health. I just prefer fish, which raises it's own set of issues.